Why You Should Make Facebook Video Part of Your Game Plan

If you’re using video as a part of your integrated marketing strategy (and if you’re not please start), you might have been focusing on YouTube instead of Facebook. That needs to change. Facebook is nipping at YouTube’s heels when it comes to video views, and chances are good that’s not changing any time soon. Facebook’s […]

Want Customers? YouTube Converts More Customers Than All Other Social Networks

YouTube is tops when it comes to paid advertising on social media platforms, including introducing new products to customers, as well as helping them to make purchase decisions, according to a recent study by AOL Platforms. The report examined data during the first quarter of 2014, where social purchase interactions were tracked through Convertro’s attribution […]

YouTube Unveils New Analytics

YouTube’s new Analytics offer users a wealth of statistical information. There’s no denying that video content is powerful—in fact, YouTube is ranked the world’s second largest search engine. And although users have always been able to monitor who’s watching videos and where they’re from, more detailed analytical information has been lacking—until now. According to YouTube’s […]

YouTube’s Next Big Move – Live Streaming

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. People seriously love online video. And integrating video into online marketing strategies is a smart move. MediaPost reported in March that online video usage continues to rise, and viewing from PCs, Macs and laptops from home and from work is up by 45%. Viewers streamed 28% […]

YouTube Trends, Rock Chalk Christmas 2010

YouTube Trends is the latest solution from Google, for those of you who don’t have time to keep track of the 35 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. YouTube Trends offers a daily dose of YouTube goodness, aka the “best” in viral video, so you can be the first kid on the block […]

Foursquare Checks In To Create Buzz About The Vote

Location based marketing tech darling Foursquare is playing a role in the election drama that unfolds as Americans participate in yet another Election Day. Tech savvy voters are checking in at the polls and earning the #IVotedToday badge and doing their part to raise awareness and urge others to take part in the election. You […]

OK Go. Smart AND Using Their Power For Good

I’m addicted to OK Go, I’ll just admit that right up front. I like their music, I like their movies, I like their style. Oh, and I love the marketing magic they so adeptly employ. Yesterday, when I saw that they were releasing their new song, I scooted over to YouTube to check it out […]

F**K You, Cee Lo’s Viral Marketing Phenom

Two hours ago, I discovered Cee Lo Green’s new single, F**K YOU, on YouTube. Imagine that. Actually, I first discovered it on Facebook, and swiped it from my friend Redheadwriting’s wall, posted it on my own and ultimately ended up on YouTube, where it had a little more than 750,000 views. It’s a brilliant example […]

Vlogging – It Just Gets Easier!

Okay, so in an effort to practice what I preach when it comes to marketing consulting in general and pretty much life as well, I found the nerve a few weeks ago to begin video blogging or, vlogging, as the cool cats say. And you know what, I’ve quickly learned that it’s not so bad […]

Hauling My Way to Stardom

Teenagers and their YouTube haul videos are all the rage these days, so after my visit to the neighborhood organic farmers’ market, I decided that I was haul-worthy, too. Heck, if they can do it, why not an old broad like me? The lovely and always delightful Kristi Colvin agreed, so what more encouragement did […]

BP Spills Coffee: A Laugh Instead of a Cry

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m beyond sick about the BP oil spill, the worst environmental disaster the U.S. has ever experienced, and think (and rant) about it often. That said, sometimes a little humor in the face of tragedy goes a long way. This spot does just that. With 5+ million YouTube views […]

It Is, Apparently, OKAY to be GAY. But Only In France.

As I trolled through this morning’s news, I stumbled upon a Chicago Tribune interview of Don Thompson, the guy who took over as McDonald’s No. 2 and COO this past January. McDonald’s has chugged right along during the course of the last few years, in spite of the economy that managed to take so many […]

BP Oil Spill: Further Evidence That Hayward’s Head is in the Sand

As if BP doesn’t have enough of a mess on its hands in its efforts to apparently single-handedly set about to destroy the planet, they’ve also got a buffoon at the helm. While I realize that BP’s CEO Tony Hayward and his issues are not nearly as important as stopping the oil gushing into the […]

YouTube Tops Networks Primetime Audience and Daily Internet Facts: Why Social Media Matters

Wired reports that YouTube’s viewership now exceeds that of the “Big Three” TV Networks combined during their primetime evening time slot, with more than 2 billion views per day. Keep in mind: YouTube’s audience statistics are from worldwide views, while ABC, CBS and NBC audience numbers are only from the United States. The bigger picture […]

Video Killed the Radio Star

We Can’t Rewind, We’ve Gone Too Far I don’t know why, but most blog post concepts that pop into my mind start with a silly song. This one is no exception. Online video – it’s where it’s at. What is your business doing about it? Online video viewing is on the rise and it’s going […]

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