How To Conduct A Twitter Audit in 1 Hour Or Less

Twitter was the first social media platform that I really fell in love with. I love the simplicity of the platform, the fast-moving stream of information that I always find valuable, and the information and insights I can take away from it in just a short period of time that always help me do my […]

Twitter’s Renewed SEO Focus Sees Huge Increase in Search-Related Visitors

After a fallout several years ago with The Google, Twitter recently announced the move to allow search engines better access to popular hashtag pages, making Twitter once again in the traffic game. The revelation, which came at a Twitter analyst event, as reported by Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land, seems to be a move […]

Don’t Mess With My Facebook Prank, Doomed USPS and Best of the Web

Does anyone else have Olympics hangover? Sigh, I guess the long-term waiting for the winter games will have to suffice for the next two years! But hopefully you’re getting a taste of some awesome pre-fall weather—like we are, so you’re out practicing your own balance beam acts at the park with the kids. We always […]

Customer Service Lesson: Caviat Emptier Newport News/Spiegel

This is a guest post by one of my favorite, and smartest of friends, and a well-known online security expert, Christopher Burgess (@burgessct) My Customer Service Nightmare at the Hands of Newport News/Spiegel  There comes a time in every consumer’s lifetime when a retailer may try and take advantage of the relationship and deliver less […]

Sarcasm Lovers Rejoice: Sarcasm Font Has Arrived

Coming from a family of jokesters, it was pretty much a given that I would ultimately learn to develop a thick skin (well, frankly, I was forced to do so). It was also imperative that I learn the art of quick repartee as a form of self-preservation much like other children learn to walk. For […]

Rapportive: A Plugin That Makes Your Life Easier

So there are a ton of plugins out there that beef up your browser and generally make it more dynamic and useful. One cool plugin I stumbled across that does just that is Rapportive. Rapportive is a free plugin for Chrome and Safari users. Sorry IE users! A quick aside — why in the world […]

Speak Slow and Succinctly, I’m a Millennial.

I read a very interesting post by Zack Whittaker about Millennials and how social media has impacted their communication styles a few weeks ago that I’m struggling to address. I’ve started to write this post about a hundred times, but now I’m just going for the gusto. Time to get off the proverbial fence and […]

Will Twitter’s New Spam Policy Kill #FollowFriday?

About a month ago, Twitter slyly rolled out a new spam policy that will help declutter our feeds and hopefully get rid of annoying posts like this. We are all familiar with them and probably have spent considerable amount of time doing one of several things: (1) ingoring them (2) blocking and reporting these people […]

My Bags Are Packed for BlogWorld Expo East!

I’m excited and honored to be featured as a panelist at BlogWorld and New Media Expo in New York City, May 24-26, 2011. I’m looking forward to participating in this event for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s my first trip to BlogWorld and I’m psyched. I’ve heard it’s a fantastic conference and I’m […]

Maximizing Location Based Mobile Search For Your Business

I spent the last 10 days vacationing in various parts of California. And because of location-based mobile search technology and the power of online communities, my taste buds – and those of my family – were titillated multiple times each day. For those of you who know me, you’re aware that I pretty much spend […]

7 Keyword Search Tools for Twitter

With many businesses using Twitter as part of their social media marketing efforts, conducting Twitter keyword searches can be beneficial for several different reasons: Identifying influencers Finding people on Twitter Distinguishing potential target markets / clients Pinpointing hashtags Basic brand monitoring Blog ideas There are several criteria we use when performing Twitter keyword searches. Feel […]

Guy Who Lost Job Over Chrysler Tweet Speaks Up

Last week, an employee of New Media Strategies, the firm who handled the Chrysler social media account, accidentally tweeted from the Chrysler account during his morning commute and dropped the F-bomb. That tweet ultimately led to him not only being fired, but to the agency handling the account being handed their walking papers as well. […]

Get Twitter Followers My A**

Get Twitter Followers. This phrase runs rampant in the social media world – at least the world that I play in. I see Tweets about this stuff all the time, and blog posts and ads ad nauseum. Seriously. If you came to this post thinking I’m going to tell you that it’s a good idea […]

The Angel, The Brain and The Hot Mess

You know what happens. You’re working, kind of. Or at least you should be. Then you pop over to TweetDeck to see what’s going on with your pals on Twitter or hop over to Facebook, just for a jiffer. Then you see an interesting link (or 27) and pretty soon, it’s over. I blame social […]

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