Twitter Makes Connecting With Influencers More Difficult

One of the things we’ve always liked best about Twitter is that there are no barriers to interaction. If you want to follow and interact with someone, be they celebrity, influencer or average Joe, you can. And even better, many awesome “heavy hitters” actively participate and engage with their followers. Twitter’s changing it up, though. […]

Livefyre Joins Storify To Create Leading Curation Company

Content curation is, without question, a key component of any effective content marketing strategy. Thus the news of Livefyre, a suite of real time apps for publishers, joining forces with brand storytelling platform Storify, is a big deal. Targeting brands and businesses interested in enterprise-level storytelling and content curation, this marriage of Storify and Livefyre […]

LinkedIn Improves Search Functionality

If you’re a fan of LinkedIn search, good news—the site has improved its search functionality to deliver more and better results. Whether you use LinkedIn for new business development, recruiting, networking or job seeking, finding the information (or people) you need is likely an important part of your experience on the site, which is why […]

Facebook Hits 15 Million SMB Pages

Whether you love or loathe Facebook, there’s no denying the site is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. Need proof? Consider a recent milestone when Facebook hit 15 million SMB pages, a 2 million page increase since the end of 2012. Small business owners aren’t just tapping into Facebook’s page functionality—they’re also driving increases […]

LinkedIn Missteps: Killing LinkedIn Answers

I don’t usually get all up in arms when a social media site I like changes its features. Stuff happens. Things change. Improvise, adapt, overcome. But when I heard the news about LinkedIn killing its Answers section through my friend, Todd Van Hoosear, and then this article on AGBeat, I was upset. This, I feel, […]

Facebook Selling Inbox Access—Does It Really Matter

Always on the search for a new revenue stream (cue sarcasm), Facebook is now testing a new system that would give users (and not necessarily your friends) the ability to send you a Facebook message for $1. Super! Right now, anyone can send you a Facebook message for free (provided you’ve allowed that option in […]

Nielsen and Twitter Team Up to Launch Social TV Rating

Whether TV viewers are live-tweeting about their favorite show or the show itself is promoting a branded hashtag, there’s no denying that Twitter has become increasingly intertwined with television. And, as a result, measurement and information giant Nielsen has teamed up with Twitter to establish a social TV rating that will deliver “a syndicated-standard metric […]

Beware: Instagram Changes Terms of Service

Instagram just announced changes to their terms of service—and the interwebz, they are a-pissed! Beginning January 16, the new TOS and privacy policy will go into effect, introducing lengthy stipulations—called “the most significant changes in Instagram’s short history”—regarding how user photos may be used by Instagram and Facebook. One such change involves possible photo use […]

Instagram Photos No Longer Visible On Twitter

If you’re an Instagram fan who loves sharing photos to your Twitter stream, be prepared to be disappointed. As of last week, Instagram photos no longer appear on Twitter—instead, if you click on an Instagram link in a tweet, you’ll see a white space and a link to the web version of the photo. The […]

App Fail: Snapchat Seems Designed for Teen Sexting

We love the excitement and promise of a new app—that is, until we discovered Snapchat, an iOS and Android app that’s not only geared toward teens, but also appears to encourage sexting. Seriously? Here’s the deal. Snapchat allows for real-time picture chatting. In the company’s words, “Snapchat is a new way to share photos with […]

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