SMBs Embracing Social Media At A Rapid Pace

Small and medium-sized business are embracing social media marketing at rapid pace. Surprised? Surely not. Borrell conducted an online survey from January through August of 2011 that resulted in some 4,200-plus responses. Main Street Goes Social reports that almost two-thirds (64.4%) of SMBs are presently using social sites for marketing purposes and social media marketing […]

Nonprofits: Integrating Digital Marketing Strategies, Measuring ROI

I had the pleasure of presenting to the YMCA’s New Media/Marketing Conference held in Kansas City this past week on the topic of Nonprofits and Integrating Digital Marketing Strategies and Measuring ROI. It was a special treat because I was asked to participate by a long time friend, Mary Mooney Burns, who’s not only just […]

Nexercise: The Perfect Match of Gamification and Social Media

Gamification paired with the power of social media is a component of digital marketing strategy we can’t get enough of. And we’re not alone. People like games. Whether it’s Angry Birds, Words with Friends or Dora the Explorer, we collectively spend a lot of time and attention, not to mention money, playing online games. Our […]

Need a Google+ Invite: Come Get It

Google just announced that it is now easier for you to invite your friends to Google+ — ergo, it’s also easier for all you folks who don’t yet have an invite to get one. And, after the last few weeks of spending lots of time sending tons of invites in response to a blog post […]

How To Create a Book of Facebook Memories

What you say? There’s an app for creating a book of Facebook memories? WooHoo! Before you laugh, remember that people love stuff. Harry Potter fanatics buy Lego figurines, replias of invisibility cloaks and wizard wands. Twihards (a/k/a those obsessed with the Twilight series) buy dolls, clothes, posters…heck, they probably even buy Twilight-themed sleeping bags. Ergo, if the societal embrace […]

How Architects Can Use Social Media

Savvy architects and other professionals are using the Internet and social media as a way to drive brand awareness, connect with people with similar passions and to do what all business owners seek – attract leads and clients. At a recent Kansas City AIA Chapter meeting, I gave a presentation on social media with Cindy […]

How to Create Google Plus Profile Custom URL

So Google+ launched and all the social media loving geeks – myself included – are spending ridiculous amounts of time exploring, commenting, blogging, critiquing, complaining, hypothesizing, well, you know the drill. If you’re slightly annoyed at not yet getting into Google+ or annoyed by the incessant the talk about it, please forgive us. It’s no different […]

Want to Change Attitudes about Social Media? Make It Fun

We work with businesses of all sizes helping them understand, navigate and participate in the online space and understand the value of social media marketing. For those of us who are old hands at that, it seems like no big deal. But for a vast number of people, even ones who are somewhat familiar with […]

How to Run A Successful Facebook Contest

We’ve all seen them. Facebook contests are all but impossible to ignore. Headlines scream “Be our 5,000th fan and get a gift certificate!” “‘Like’ our page in the next two weeks and be entered to win a prize!” Yep—Facebook contests and promotions are becoming increasingly prevalent as brands and businesses seek to expand their audiences and […]

7 Creative Uses for Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are incredibly useful for many different reasons and can be an integral part of your toolkit when it comes to social media marketing. In addition, being listed can often be viewed as a “badge of honor” — or certainly as a testament to your credibility and/or knowledge and expertise within a certain field. […]

Men Using Social Media? Oh Yeah.

We work with a number of very large organizations, many of whom are just venturing into the social media realm. Without exception, the prevailing notion we encounter is that social media is for young people. And, in our experience, the people most often likely to ascribe to that notion are middle-aged professionals and businessmen. Here’s […]

Social Bookmarking: How To Do It Correctly

Shelly wrote a post about Social Bookmarking, What It Is And Why You Need It, and this piece is intended as a follow-up, and to give you kind of a step-by-step tutorial on using social bookmarking sites. As mentioned in the earlier post, social bookmarking is really all about saving, discovering or sharing content online. […]

Empire Avenue For Business Value

Calculating hard ROI from social media sites continues to frustrate businesses, as evidenced by the latest hand-wringing over Empire Avenue, the social media exchange site that hit the big time over the past month, with positive coverage from tech and social media luminaries such as Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang, RackSpace’s Robert Scoble, Ford’s Scott Monty and […]

Will Twitter’s New Spam Policy Kill #FollowFriday?

About a month ago, Twitter slyly rolled out a new spam policy that will help declutter our feeds and hopefully get rid of annoying posts like this. We are all familiar with them and probably have spent considerable amount of time doing one of several things: (1) ingoring them (2) blocking and reporting these people […]

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