Facebook’s [Still Unofficial] Facebook at Work Could Shake Things Up

“Facebook at work“ usually means a sneaky look at your News Feed when the boss isn’t around. But it seems we’ll soon see a new offering that could make the social network legit: Facebook at Work could not only make Facebook an essential part of your workday, it could also shake up the professional networking […]

The New Demographics of Social Media [Stats]

No longer shall our kids speak in a language that we don’t understand. With 71% of adults now embracing social media and 42% of us using multiple platforms, we’re giving our kids a run for their money on the social networking stakes. So what might our Pinterest accounts say about our social status? And how […]

LinkedIn Buys Rapportive, Gets More Social Connectivity

LinkedIn’s recent purchase of Rapportive gives the business social networking site even more connectivity. LinkedIn purchased the San Francisco-based Rapportive for a cool $15 million and we’re looking forward to seeing what transpires as a result. Rapportive is a free plugin for Gmail users that works on both Firefox and Chrome browsers. What makes Rapportive […]

LinkedIn’s CardMunch App Turns Business Cards Into Contacts

I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn. In addition to being the biggest business social network with some 135 million+ users worldwide, it is a social networking platform that delivers business leads to me and to my clients on a regular basis. Without question, LinkedIn proves itself worthy of the time we invest there – in […]

Google Plus Unveils New Features, Supports Google Apps

After a bit of a quiet period, Google+ is back in the headlines with a host of announcements that were unveiled late last week. With some 40 million Google+ users, some 1 billion pieces of content shared and a wealth of webinars and Google+ experts available for the bargain price of $47 (or less), if […]

Men Using Social Media? Oh Yeah.

We work with a number of very large organizations, many of whom are just venturing into the social media realm. Without exception, the prevailing notion we encounter is that social media is for young people. And, in our experience, the people most often likely to ascribe to that notion are middle-aged professionals and businessmen. Here’s […]

Socially Networked Cities: Where Does Your City Rank?

Men’s Health just came out with a list that it calls “the most socially networked cities in America.” I say that that’s terrific, but I’d like more information about their data sources. DC, Atlanta, Denver, yup. Austin, Boston, San Francisco and Seattle also in the top 10? Of course —  that makes perfect sense.  Minneapolis, […]

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: ‘Get On the Bus’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a message for companies who are not using social media to reach customers. “Get on the bus.” Yesterday at the Web 2.0 Summit, Zuckerberg disclosed that Facebook has 500 million members and over half of these members use Facebook DAILY. That’s over 250 million people logging on to the social […]

Poken Me, Willya?

I’m headed off to Nashville to the amazing Blissdom conference tomorrow and am already impressed by the smarts exhibited by ConAgra, one of the conference sponsors. The folks at ConAgra were savvy enough to give a group of techie, blogging, busy as all get out women some swag that we can really use.  I mean, […]

Maximizing LinkedIn – Good Practices for Good Results

I’m fortunate to have a group of very bright, very successful friends – many of whom I know via the world of social mediums. Erica Friedman is one of them, and is a regular LinkedIn user and contributor. She’s written a terrific post about how to get the most out of LinkedIn, so read on […]

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