Facebook’s [Still Unofficial] Facebook at Work Could Shake Things Up

“Facebook at work“ usually means a sneaky look at your News Feed when the boss isn’t around. But it seems we’ll soon see a new offering that could make the social network legit: Facebook at Work could not only make Facebook an essential part of your workday, it could also shake up the professional networking […]

Social Media and The Fortune 500 CEOs [Report]

CEOs who get the role social media can play in terms of brand image, relationship building, and showing the human side of business are a rarity. While their numbers are slowly increasing, the majority of CEOs (and many of their colleagues in the C-Suite in general) are still largely ignoring social media as a viable […]

Ignite Your Brand By Integrating Your Culture

Ever since the advent of so-called “new media,” marketers have known the importance of integrating their efforts across all marketing platforms – advertising, web, collateral, social, mobile, etc. – originally, perhaps, with the hope of catching our targeted prospects and customers in one way or another by casting a wide net. Then, we realized that, […]

Your Brand’s Social Media Identity: How to Protect It

Social media marketing is probably something that you’re engaged in, whether your business is large or small. But all too often people hand over set up and management of these valuable business assets to people who aren’t as qualified as they should be and/or they don’t protect their social media accounts. As a result, businesses […]

Can Social Media Be Killing Brands?

Well, what do you think? Can social media be killing brands? You probably scoffed a bit when you read that, based on the fact that you probably discovered this post through a social media channel and thought it yet another link-bait title. Well, it’s not linkbait – in fact, there’s some pretty convincing evidence that […]

Social Media Community Management Basics: Leave Your Opinions at Home

I happened upon a random conversation on Facebook this morning that made me realize that there’s still much for brands and agencies to learn about social media community management. The formula for great community management is quite simple. Find someone with a great personality, who loves people, and who understands the goals and objectives of […]

The New Demographics of Social Media [Stats]

No longer shall our kids speak in a language that we don’t understand. With 71% of adults now embracing social media and 42% of us using multiple platforms, we’re giving our kids a run for their money on the social networking stakes. So what might our Pinterest accounts say about our social status? And how […]

The 5 Essential Free WordPress Plugins To Increase Search Ranking

Consumer buying behavior has evolved a lot in recent years. Using search engines like Google to help make informed buying decisions is now the norm for most consumers. People want to do the research themselves. While blogs are a great source of consumer information, producing great content is just the first step in boosting awareness […]

BuddyMedia Buy: Yet Another Piece of Integrated Marketing Puzzle

Salesforce.com’s acquisition of BuddyMedia is but one more step in the integrated marketing puzzle that marketers are focused on solving. Silos are gone (or going) and integration between sales, service and marketing are key drivers of success. No matter what your business, no matter what your industry, no matter what your product. And social media […]

SMBs Embracing Social Media At A Rapid Pace

Small and medium-sized business are embracing social media marketing at rapid pace. Surprised? Surely not. Borrell conducted an online survey from January through August of 2011 that resulted in some 4,200-plus responses. Main Street Goes Social reports that almost two-thirds (64.4%) of SMBs are presently using social sites for marketing purposes and social media marketing […]

Google Plus Unveils New Features, Supports Google Apps

After a bit of a quiet period, Google+ is back in the headlines with a host of announcements that were unveiled late last week. With some 40 million Google+ users, some 1 billion pieces of content shared and a wealth of webinars and Google+ experts available for the bargain price of $47 (or less), if […]

Nonprofits: Integrating Digital Marketing Strategies, Measuring ROI

I had the pleasure of presenting to the YMCA’s New Media/Marketing Conference held in Kansas City this past week on the topic of Nonprofits and Integrating Digital Marketing Strategies and Measuring ROI. It was a special treat because I was asked to participate by a long time friend, Mary Mooney Burns, who’s not only just […]

Nexercise: The Perfect Match of Gamification and Social Media

Gamification paired with the power of social media is a component of digital marketing strategy we can’t get enough of. And we’re not alone. People like games. Whether it’s Angry Birds, Words with Friends or Dora the Explorer, we collectively spend a lot of time and attention, not to mention money, playing online games. Our […]

Coolest Retro Photo App: Instagram or Streamzoo

Retro photo apps are all the rage. And for good reason. Fact: People love sharing pictures online. There are over 200 million photos uploaded to Facebook per day, which means there are more than 6 billion uploads per month. Much to the chagrin of digital camera makers, smartphones are becoming more and more ubiquitous and […]

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