7 Productivity Tips and Tools for Social Media Users

These 7 productivity tips for social media users can help make your job easier — every single day. What’s your favorite?

The Best Tools to Manage Your Next Social Media Campaign

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to compile an e-book called 83 Top Social Media and Mobile Marketing Tools for Business. I wrote it with my friend Erik Qualman and we’ve both been flattered and honored by the buzz it’s created on the Internet. The e-book was so popular that our good friend Shelly […]

Local Social Is Core to Multi-Unit Business Success [Case Study]

For multi-unit businesses, the largest social channel issue is communication among the local employees responsible for creating and managing their location’s social voice. Wouldn’t it be helpful if these employees could find out with one click how other restaurants in your chain were doing with their social channels? What if you could share your content […]

Social Media Tool XeeMe Presents Life Across All Networks

XeeMe (pronounced “see me”) is, in its simplest form, an aggregator of one’s social networks. The service is an offshoot of Society3, a social media technology and service provider founded by serial entrepreneur Axel Schultze. As a social media solution, XeeMe helps brands and highly connected individuals organize their social presence while they grow their […]

Why Hoop.la May Be Your New Social Platform [Video]

You’ve embraced the power of social as an important component of your digital marketing strategy. And while it’s always a wise idea to maintain an active presence on multiple social sites, the fact remains that you need a hub for your digital operations—and that’s where Hoop.la comes in. Hoop.la is, simply put, a multi-faceted platform […]

Visibli: A Great Social Media Tool for Stat Tracking and More

It’s no secret that at V3, we like tools that help make social media marketing and analysis better, and things that help us do what we do more efficiently and effectively. And when it comes to tracking impact, gathering stats and reporting, we love those tools even more. We wrote about Visibli last October, when […]

I Got 99 Social Media Tools

If you work in social media, PR or marketing, likely you already know of and use a bunch of social platforms and tools. Most of us know the big dogs — platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., but there are a LOT of other social sites and tools out there that you might not know about. […]

7 Creative Uses for Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are incredibly useful for many different reasons and can be an integral part of your toolkit when it comes to social media marketing. In addition, being listed can often be viewed as a “badge of honor” — or certainly as a testament to your credibility and/or knowledge and expertise within a certain field. […]

Visibli – Giving Your Links Legs

If you know me, you know I love cool stuff. And when my friend and PR genius, Merredith Branscome of Leap PR introduced me to Visibli on a recent trip to Denver, I was hooked. But she swore me to secrecy. Well, all that’s over now as Visibli launched their new tool late last week. […]

TweetReach: Practical Tool to Prove Power of Twitter

Do you use TweetReach? If you don’t use this awesome application, you should.   TweetReach is an excellent tool to show to clients or your CEO the power of Twitter. Spiral16’s CEO Tracy Panko wrote a post last week on the Spiral16 blog about breast cancer.  Spiral16 is one of our clients and we used […]

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