How To Embed A Google+ Post On Your Website

Social networks and websites continue to become more closely intertwined—and that’s not a bad thing. You can already embed tweets, Pinterest content and Facebook posts into your website. The latest addition? Google+ posts, which are now officially embeddable. The Internet, as a whole, still seems to be perplexed by Google+–or at least undecided. We’ve long […]

12 Most Definitive Ways to Master Twitter

With more than 200 million active users (and growing), Twitter remains one of the go-to social media platforms for individuals and brands. I’m a huge fan of Twitter and use it not only to share content, but also to connect and converse with friends, industry peers and prospective clients. Of course, as with any other […]

Avoid the Knee-Jerk: On Quitting Instagram, Feedburner and Other Rash Decisions

Are you a quitter? I don’t mean the kind of quitter who gives up because something is too hard, but the kind who quits an online service in a huff over a perceived piece of bad news or policy. It seems a lot of people, including several friends, have made rash decisions to quit services […]

Two Things to Do on LinkedIn Right Now

Now that the new year is here, you’re likely busy creating resolutions, getting organized and mapping out your 2013 business strategy. We have two LinkedIn tasks to add to your to-do list—but don’t worry, they only take a few minutes! After all, if you’ve spent time building your LinkedIn network and creating a comprehensive profile […]

How to Use Social Listening to Track Clients and Competitors

Social channels aren’t just powerful conversation tools—they provide ample opportunities for social listening, too. And social listening can provide a wealth of information for you, for your clients and the industries they serve, as well as for purposes of competitive analysis. Whether you’re monitoring social networks for information about yourself, your clients, your competitors or […]

Facebook Unveils Comment Editing, Edit History

Facebook’s new comment editing feature has people all agog this past week. With Facebook (and every other social media network) there’s pretty much always something new–aren’t we used to this by now? The comment editing feature allows Facebook users to tweak their comments and will become universally available shortly. Previously, Facebook gave users a few […]

Social Media and the Groupthink Problem

I recently read a book by Jonah Sachs called Winning the Story Wars. In the last chapter, called “Living The Truth,” Sachs writes that Irving Janis, who discovered the “Groupthink” phenomenon, noted that “groups quickly reach consensus decisions with amazing disregard for obvious warning signs that they are on the wrong track. Extremely cohesive groups, […]

10 Things You Can (And Should) Do On LinkedIn

As LinkedIn’s user base continues to climb (currently 160+ million members), you have more and more opportunities to connect with colleagues, clients and prospects, not to mention establish your industry expertise and pursue new business development initiatives. And although LinkedIn is simple enough to use, what’s truly fascinating about the site is that it offers […]

Hospitals Want Boomer Business? Focus On Content Marketing And Social Media

Boomers are falling apart (and, for the record, I can say that with the utmost respect, because I am one. Dammit) — and are shopping for spare parts. And if hospitals and physicians want their share of the Boomer business, they’d best get busy when it comes to social media channels and content marketing strategies. […]

How To Add The New Facebook Subscribe Button To Your Website

Facebook recently announced the launch of a new subscribe button that allows Facebook users to subscribe to your website and/or blog, and then receive updates directly in their Facebook News Feed. We’re excited to see the evolution of this new feature, not only because it adds another dimension to the Facebook experience but is also […]

Why You Should Switch To Facebook Timeline Now

Now that Facebook’s Timeline feature is publicly available, users have (unsurprisingly) been vocal about whether they love or hate the new interface. Yet whether you adore Timeline or are disgusted by it, the fact remains that you can willingly transition your profile now, or allow Facebook to automatically make the switch at a later date. […]

How To Maximize Google+ For Your Business

What exactly can Google+ do for your business? Since Google announced the availability of Google+ business pages, the site has emerged as a viable option for brands and businesses that want to widen their reach and presence within the social space. While there’s no doubt that this newest of the social networking platforms is powerful, […]

Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn’s New Status Updates For Companies

Companies can now post LinkedIn status updates, thanks to a new feature that rolled out a few weeks ago. The status updates are the same as those you’d find on personal LinkedIn profiles, and, according to LinkedIn, give companies “the ability to customize and share more valuable insights with their followers.” LinkedIn status updates can […]

How To Enable Facebook’s New Timeline

Questions about how to enable Facebook’s new Timeline feature is the latest hot topic in social media and technology. And for good reason — it virtually transforms not just your Facebook page, but the entire experience of the site, too. The only flaw in the plan? Timeline isn’t yet publicly available. You may have noticed […]

How to Run A Successful Facebook Contest

We’ve all seen them. Facebook contests are all but impossible to ignore. Headlines scream “Be our 5,000th fan and get a gift certificate!” “‘Like’ our page in the next two weeks and be entered to win a prize!” Yep—Facebook contests and promotions are becoming increasingly prevalent as brands and businesses seek to expand their audiences and […]

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