The Key to Social Media Monitoring and Insights on a Startup Budget

So a month (or several) ago I had my great friend Wendy Scherer of The Social Studies Group on the  #V3Live Videochat Show. The topic we discussed was one that pretty much everyone is interested in — Maximizing Social Media Monitoring and Insights on a Startup Budget. I mean, who doesn’t want to know that, […]

How to Use Social Listening to Track Clients and Competitors

Social channels aren’t just powerful conversation tools—they provide ample opportunities for social listening, too. And social listening can provide a wealth of information for you, for your clients and the industries they serve, as well as for purposes of competitive analysis. Whether you’re monitoring social networks for information about yourself, your clients, your competitors or […]

PressKing – A PR Tool Worth Looking At

Doesn’t it sometimes seem as if there are so many different PR and social media tools out there that it’s often hard to not only keep track of them all? Never mind trying to figure out what makes the most sense for you – both from a funcationality standpoint as well as from a cost […]

I Got 99 Social Media Tools

If you work in social media, PR or marketing, likely you already know of and use a bunch of social platforms and tools. Most of us know the big dogs — platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., but there are a LOT of other social sites and tools out there that you might not know about. […]

The Weekly Information Fix

I read so much on the Web on a daily basis that it’s often hard to pick a favorite – and there’s a lot of information that I find myself referring to time and time again – or digging back out to share. As a result, I decided to try and capture my favorites at […]

5 Tips For Online Reputation Management

This is a guest post written for the V3 blog by my friend, Josh Titsworth. We first met through random social media interaction (which quickly evolved into quick repartee – my favorite kind) on Twitter. Then we managed to meet in ‘real’ life – whatever the heck that is and I discovered he’s as snarky […]

Foursquare Checks In To Create Buzz About The Vote

Location based marketing tech darling Foursquare is playing a role in the election drama that unfolds as Americans participate in yet another Election Day. Tech savvy voters are checking in at the polls and earning the #IVotedToday badge and doing their part to raise awareness and urge others to take part in the election. You […]

Does Your Brand Use Protection?

It’s no surprise to anyone paying attention that the world of marketing has changed. Consumers are officially in the driver’s seat and are creating a new set of challenges for brands and marketers. A majority of consumers use the web as their primary source of information, especially when it comes to products or services that […]

Fact: Influence Drives Sales

Susan Weinschenck, Ph.D., wrote an interesting piece on influence, and how a common theme that researchers encounter is that we think that OTHERS are influenced by certain things, but that WE are not. We are wrong. Regardless of what we think, we are very much influenced by the thoughts, actions, opinions and purchases of others. […]

Why Your Brand Needs Business Intelligence

The need for biz intelligence is not going away. Gathering business intelligence and mining for data about your brand (and your competitors) will grow as time goes on. Investing in social media monitoring and business intelligence should be built into your marketing plan.  For those of you with your head in the sand, take a […]

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