How To Conduct A Twitter Audit in 1 Hour Or Less

Twitter was the first social media platform that I really fell in love with. I love the simplicity of the platform, the fast-moving stream of information that I always find valuable, and the information and insights I can take away from it in just a short period of time that always help me do my […]

Content Marketing Effective for Lead Gen But Most Difficult Tactic to Execute [Study]

A recent study shows that content marketing and email marketing have emerged as two of the most effective lead generation tactics — while social media is getting left in the dust. Effective doesn’t necessarily mean easy, though. While email marketing is relatively straightforward, marketers feel the time and resources needed to make content marketing work […]

[Stats] Social Media Active Users: Marketers Take Note

I’m a brand strategist and also a regular speaker at conferences on the topic of integrating social media, content and SEO into your marketing strategies. We work a lot in the B2B space and I joke (with love) that my clients are often a bunch of middle-aged senior leaders who don’t get just exactly how […]

Want B2B Email Subscribers: Remember, Less Is More

If you’re in the B2B space and want email subscribers, there’s a magic formula for success—make it easy. Email subscribers want the same thing we all want; for the process to be quick, easy and deliver valuable information in return. And, if you’re a marketer, we likely don’t have to tell you why this is […]

Social Media May Soon Drive More Traffic to Your Site Than SEO

Still skeptical about the power of social media marketing to help you and your business see results? Here’s some compelling information for you: according to stats compiled by Forrester Research, social media may soon drive more traffic to your website than SEO. As part of the “How Consumers Found Websites in 2012” report, Forrester found […]

Why You Should Care About The New Facebook Reply Button

Recently, Facebook announced a significant update—the release of the Reply Button. And while Facebook has had a tumultuous relationship with Wall Street, Zuckerberg and his team are attempting to build confidence within the financial industry. That’s why they’re going to great lengths to develop solutions, features, and products that help brand marketers to use the platform effectively. Facebook wants […]

Facebook Hits 15 Million SMB Pages

Whether you love or loathe Facebook, there’s no denying the site is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. Need proof? Consider a recent milestone when Facebook hit 15 million SMB pages, a 2 million page increase since the end of 2012. Small business owners aren’t just tapping into Facebook’s page functionality—they’re also driving increases […]

Facebook Bug May Have Caused Inaccurate Page Reach Reports

If you’ve noticed some strange activity affecting your Facebook page’s reach and impressions stats, according to Facebook, a bug may have been the culprit. Facebook Studio recently revealed that, after an audit on their reporting system, they discovered a bug that resulted in reporting inaccurate reach and impressions. Admittedly a bit of a skeptic, especially […]

Report: What CEOs Think of Social Media

When you talk about corporate social media strategy, the general consensus is that corporations typically tend to be behind the curve when it comes to social media adoption and digital marketing. And, in many cases, the responsibility for such lack of adoption tends to land squarely on the C-Suite. IBM’s recent 2012 Global CEO Study, […]

LinkedIn Unveils New Personal Profiles

The changes keep coming out of LinkedIn headquarters. On the heels of an announcement about new company pages (not to mention a recent design overhaul of the homepage), LinkedIn has unveiled a new look for personal profiles. The streamlined design is touted as offering “a better way to connect and build relationships,” according to LinkedIn. […]

Facebook Launches Promoted Posts for Users

Just a few months after Facebook unveiled promoted posts for pages, the site has now launched promoted posts for individual users in the U.S., a feature that has already been introduced to 20 other countries. What’s it all about? Users can now pay $7 per post to give their posts more visibility in the Facebook […]

LinkedIn Unveils New Followers Feature

In an effort to build the site’s content library, LinkedIn unveiled a new followers feature that lets users follow selected industry leaders who will post original content to LinkedIn. “We know millions of conversations take place on LinkedIn everyday,” writes LinkedIn’s Ryan Roslansky. “Today, we’re providing another way for you to get even more value […]

AMC vs Oreo: Magic Happens When Brands Show Personality

We pay a lot of attention to what brands do in the social space—not only because it’s our job, but because it’s downright interesting, too. And when we saw the Twitter war erupt Tuesday between AMC and Oreo, well, we laughed—really, really hard! AMC v. Oreo: The Backstory Here’s the scoop. Oreo tweeted the following […]

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