The Best [And Worst] Times To Post On Social Media

It’s the conundrum of social media marketers everywhere: you’ve got great content to share on your social networks, but if no one sees it, does it do any good? And that’s why discovering the best (and worst) times to post on your social media sites is a critical part of your overall digital marketing success. […]

Avoid The Number One Social Media Mistake

While at this month’s Social Media Club of Kansas City professional lunch, Forbes magazine social media editor (and Kansas City resident) Alex Knapp let us all in on the top social media mistake. Ready? It’s falling into the trap in thinking that there’s something new about social media. News flash: there’s nothing new about social […]

The Best Tools to Manage Your Next Social Media Campaign

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to compile an e-book called 83 Top Social Media and Mobile Marketing Tools for Business. I wrote it with my friend Erik Qualman and we’ve both been flattered and honored by the buzz it’s created on the Internet. The e-book was so popular that our good friend Shelly […]

KState_Pres: A University President Who Gets Social Media

My friend, David Day, recently brought to my attention the Twitter account of Kansas State University’s President, Kirk Schultz, and a conversation about social media use by university personnel ensued. You’d probably expect the president of a University to understand the power of social media channels on campus, but it’s a safe bet that many […]

Social Media Smackdown: How the WWE Rules the Web

When it comes to successful social media strategy and adoption, large corporations tend to be classified as late adopters—that is, if they’re even paying attention to social channels at all. Yet the WWE has emerged as a social media monolith, a company that, through experimentation, an army of resources and a mind-boggling financial investment, has […]

Companies Missing the Boat with Social Customer Service

An experience with Ruby Tuesday regarding Foursquare (and customer service to be desired) proved without a doubt that social media adoption as well as social customer service has a long way to go in the largest companies. This (social media adoption) doesn’t mean on which and how many social media channels a company is engaging; […]

B2B Marketers: LinkedIn Launching Sponsored Posts

LinkedIn has announced yet another new feature that B2B marketers should be paying attention to—sponsored posts. On the heels of lots of changes, including new personal profiles and revamped company pages, this new functionality is interesting and sure to be something that smart B2B marketers will put to use as part of their integrated marketing […]

Webinar: Use Facebook Data for User Insights and Research

Sure, Facebook is a fun place to spend time—and it can be an effective, even lucrative part of your company’s digital marketing strategy. Yet Facebook is also a treasure trove of data, including consumer demographics, interests, activities and preferences. Think of it this way: Facebook users share more than 30 billion pieces of content each […]

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