So You Have An Ad Budget. Now What?

You’re running a PPC campaign. You have your designer prepped and ready, and you’ve spent more hours refining your keywords to match what visitors are searching than you care to think about. Maybe you’ve even done some demographics research. It’s time for the final stretch. Now you just need killer ad copy, and landing pages that […]

Want Better SEO: Optimize the Images on Your WordPress Site

Including images in your website and blog content not only helps your content be more visually appealing and illustrate the points you’re making, images are also important for search engine optimization. When it comes to content marketing (and your corporate blogging) efforts in general, increasing your site traffic, improving search ranking and lead generation should […]

The 5 Essential Free WordPress Plugins To Increase Search Ranking

Consumer buying behavior has evolved a lot in recent years. Using search engines like Google to help make informed buying decisions is now the norm for most consumers. People want to do the research themselves. While blogs are a great source of consumer information, producing great content is just the first step in boosting awareness […]

Blogging for Business: A Must-Have Editing Checklist

Unless you’re dead, you’ve doubtless heard the phrase, “content is king.” There’s a reason that people spin this line, which, I mean, who are we kidding, has become more than a bit of a cliché. But it’s because when done correctly, your content marketing efforts can have a significant impact on your business. And if […]

Bye Bye SEO Data: Google and the Game Changer

Big news of the week in the world of marketing and SEO is that Google finally made the move to switch all searches to encrypted searches.  And this, it changes everything about the way SEO professionals, and marketers, will have to work moving forward. In a nutshell, this means that websites will no longer be […]

Don’t Mess With My Facebook Prank, Doomed USPS and Best of the Web

Does anyone else have Olympics hangover? Sigh, I guess the long-term waiting for the winter games will have to suffice for the next two years! But hopefully you’re getting a taste of some awesome pre-fall weather—like we are, so you’re out practicing your own balance beam acts at the park with the kids. We always […]

Fifty Shades of Home Depot and The Best of the Web

We love the Interwebs. And since we’re addicted to the Internet already, we thought you might enjoy a weekly post including some of our favorite links of the week. Some you might learn a thing or two from, some might make you laugh, and some—well, some might just be flat out ridiculous. What else would […]

4 Steps To Powering SEO For Your Business

The words “search engine optimization,”or SEO, can often be the bane of existence for many a marketing, creative or public relations professional.  These competent folks can – and do – regularly develop marketing strategies, create content, develop branding and messaging and handle social media for brands large and small. Yet when it comes to search […]

Online Reviews: How To Encourage People To Review Your Business

Positive online reviews for your product or service are powerful tools in encouraging others to sample your wares and build brand loyalty. Need proof? Consider recent news that online review giant Yelp may actually be killing chain restaurants as users instead opt to support and review local, independently owned establishments. In the same study, Michael […]

How To Optimize Your Blog Post Images For Search

By this point, we’re no strangers to the magic of SEO and how you can use keywords in your blog post titles (and within the posts themselves) to optimize your content in search results. When you write a blog post, you probably include an image (and if you’re not, here’s a tip: start now!) Newsflash? […]

Qwiki: Making Search An Experience

I read about Qwiki on the T2+Back Alley Films’ blog and have been thinking about it ever since. Qwiki was introduced during a TechCrunch Disrupt session this fall and can potentially impact search in a big way. Oh, and when you win top honors at an event that introduces innovative tech companies to the world, […]

5 Reasons to Focus on Business Reviews For Search

Google now uses business reviews as part of its methodology in determining search rankings. And businesses who aren’t paying attention to this are doing themselves a disservice. There are all kinds of research out there that show customers read and rely on online reviews when it comes to making purchasing decisions, so integrating this element […]

Clueless Is Not An Excuse. SEO Matters.

Clueless. An apt description. And not so very long ago, I was pretty clueless about SEO and how important it is for business and, more importantly, for business growth. But now I know better. SEO is, quite simply, smart business practice. SEO is reality. If you want people to buy what you’re selling – I […]

SEO Strategies Webinar With Me And The Redhead

SEO, SEO, SEO. Think of it as being sung to the tune of “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” Okay, now that I’ve got you in the holiday mood, let’s cut the crap. SEO. Like it or not, it matters. Search engine optimization. A mere 90 some percent of people head to […]

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