5 SEO Tools You Should Try

Although SEO best practices are undeniably important, learning SEO is no easy task. That’s why you need to know about the must-bookmark directory of SEO tools created by SEOChat. Not only will they help you keep your content optimized and up-to-date—they can also help you stay ahead of the ever-changing Google algorithm curve, and keep […]

How Social Media Impacts SEO

If you’re looking for yet another reason to justify the importance of an active, thoughtful social media presence, here’s one: social media can improve your search ranking. You’ve probably already noticed this correlation—yet it’s probably more widespread than you realized. LinkedIn profiles, for example, tend to appear high in search results, underscoring the importance of […]

4 Tips For Building A Website That Google Will Love

Optimizing your website for Google won’t just boost your search visibility. You’ll also create a site that’s more Google AdWords friendly and, as a result, attract more clients via pay per click advertising. A great PPC campaign should always be accompanied by a stellar website. Your landing page quality can seriously affect your Google AdWords […]

Who Will Save Your Website’s Soul

As much as I hate to say, “I told you so,” I kinda did. Right here on this blog. In March 2012, I warned everybody within earshot that the content bar was about to rise through the roof. If you care about your website’s future success, I preached then, you will immediately drop everything and […]

Think Like A Search Engine

Think like a search engine. This is one of those mantras we’ve had for a while at 312 digital. SEO can be seen as very complicated. Because it is when you look at it as a complicated set of math problems. Google and Bing each use hundreds of different factors to determine how to rank […]

4 SEO Essentials For eCommerce Websites

SEO is, without a doubt, part of what creates a solid foundation for a successful website—and eCommerce sites are no exception. The challenge for most eCommerce sites in terms of SEO, however, is differentiation. After all, most eCommerce sites are similar in content and structure and include common elements like product pages, a shopping cart […]

How To Design A Website That Google Likes

Designing websites that are pretty and designing websites that Google likes–and which are effective–are often two very different things. And sadly, many people who hire agencies or developers to build their websites don’t know the difference. And when it comes to working for your business, while pretty is nice, effective is even more important. When […]

5 Ways to Use SEO to Get Leads in Your Marketing Funnel

Marketing is about selling. And if you’re not paying attention to the marketing funnel on your website as it relates to your business and how SEO impacts that, you’re probably not selling as much as you might otherwise be. Good website design is about serving the customer, not your ego. And the marketing funnel that […]

Research Shows Social Shares Impact Search Results

There’s a new search sheriff in town. In the aftermath of the Panda/Penguin search algorithms, social shares are now more important than keywords. The data is proving it. In a recent comprehensive study of UK Google ranking factors by search analytics firm Searchmetrics, this was one of the key takeaways. The study collected data from […]

6 SEO Changes To Make Now

Now that Google’s over-optimization penalty is in effect, too much SEO can actually be a bad thing—and that’s why it’s important to make 6 SEO-related changes to your site now. The penalty is part of Google’s larger ongoing effort to reward high-quality sites, especially those that regularly produce relevant and informative content, which Google lumps […]

How to Improve Your Blog’s SEO

SEO is undeniably an art and learning how to improve your blog’s SEO is something that should remain at the top of your priority list. At its most basic level, SEO means more people find your content. More people read your content when your search engine optimization tells them about and it answers questions/solves problems […]

What Does Google’s Freshness Update Mean For Your Site?

Keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates can seem like an insurmountable task. And for most of us, it is. Yet the major changes often have an impact on your site and content, and it helps to know what’s going on—and how it affects you. The more recent update, dubbed the “Freshness” update, was designed to […]

4 Steps To Powering SEO For Your Business

The words “search engine optimization,”or SEO, can often be the bane of existence for many a marketing, creative or public relations professional.  These competent folks can – and do – regularly develop marketing strategies, create content, develop branding and messaging and handle social media for brands large and small. Yet when it comes to search […]

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