Facebook: News Feed Visibility Changes and RIP EdgeRank

If you log onto Facebook and notice something different about your News Feed, it’s not a glitch. Earlier this week, Facebook announced several changes to the way the site determines what posts you see in your News Feed, including the addition of new features designed to help users discover content and the demise of the […]

Facebook Encourages Admins To Promote Engaging Posts

The latest development in Facebook’s ongoing quest for higher revenue? A new feature for page admins that highlights their most engaging posts, which is designed to encourage admins to purchase more promoted posts. Take a look at your page admin dashboard. If you see any posts highlighted in yellow, those are the posts that Facebook […]

Why You Should Care About The New Facebook Reply Button

Recently, Facebook announced a significant update—the release of the Reply Button. And while Facebook has had a tumultuous relationship with Wall Street, Zuckerberg and his team are attempting to build confidence within the financial industry. That’s why they’re going to great lengths to develop solutions, features, and products that help brand marketers to use the platform effectively. Facebook wants […]

Facebook Graph Search: Marketing Goldmine or Privacy Nightmare

Yesterday Facebook unveiled Graph Search, which lets users find people, places and information based on their connections. This is interesting for a number of reasons, but primarily due to the fact that, unlike search engines, Facebook’s Graph Search is designed to immediately serve up answers. “Graph Search and web search are very different,” said Facebook […]

Facebook Selling Inbox Access—Does It Really Matter

Always on the search for a new revenue stream (cue sarcasm), Facebook is now testing a new system that would give users (and not necessarily your friends) the ability to send you a Facebook message for $1. Super! Right now, anyone can send you a Facebook message for free (provided you’ve allowed that option in […]

How To Share Content On The Facebook Mobile App

Facebook’s mobile app functionality has, well, how should I put it? Oh, I know – it has sucked. Big time. But only if you wanted to share content. Oh wait, isn’t that what we do on the site? Silly me. In a move that’s inexplicably taken forever, Facebook has finally upgraded its mobile experience such […]

Facebook Now Testing Threaded, Ranked Comments

In response to ongoing demand from Facebook users for the ability to reply to specific comments on Facebook posts, Facebook is now testing threaded comments on certain page feeds. And in order to give us all more to talk, gripe and moan about, Facebook is also testing ranked comments, a Reddit-like system that will purportedly […]

Facebook Adds Dropbox Integration, File Sharing In Groups

Facebook recently made an interesting strategic move when the site unveiled integration with Dropbox, new functionality that allows Facebook users to share Dropbox files in Facebook Groups. Facebook already offered people the ability to upload files from their computers—this new functionality gives Dropbox users the option of directly uploading their files to Facebook without first […]

Facebook Launches Promoted Posts for Users

Just a few months after Facebook unveiled promoted posts for pages, the site has now launched promoted posts for individual users in the U.S., a feature that has already been introduced to 20 other countries. What’s it all about? Users can now pay $7 per post to give their posts more visibility in the Facebook […]

Facebook Releases New Post-Targeting Tool

A new Facebook tool allows page admins to publish content to certain groups of fans defined by several different parameters. And, in true Facebook keep ‘em waiting style, the new post-targeting tool isn’t universally available; instead it’s gradually being rolled out to Facebook page admins. Prior to the release of this tool, admins had limited […]

Facebook Channels Digg with New Recommendations Bar

In Digg withdrawal? A new Facebook feature, the recommendations bar, provides a similarly social experience. The tool shows you stories from around the Internet based on what your friends are reading. The feature is now live, so there’s a good chance you’ve noticed it on your Facebook page. As Jeffrey Spehar writes for the Facebook […]

Facebook Groups Now Track Posts With Read Receipts

The latest news from Facebook is that you can track posts in Facebook Groups with read receipts. Is that good or terrible? Facebook Groups will soon display a list of names (as well as a count) of who’s seen each post. The feature is in the process of rolling out to all English language Facebook […]

Facebook Unveils Comment Editing, Edit History

Facebook’s new comment editing feature has people all agog this past week. With Facebook (and every other social media network) there’s pretty much always something new–aren’t we used to this by now? The comment editing feature allows Facebook users to tweak their comments and will become universally available shortly. Previously, Facebook gave users a few […]

Facebook’s Popularity Contest: Buying Visibility

They say money can’t buy you everything—but in this case buying visibility (or popularity) on Facebook might just be a reality. The company is currently testing a ‘highlight’ feature that would let Facebook users pay $2 to promote their status updates. Well, that’s craptastical. The ‘highlight’ feature is geared toward individual Facebook users, not pages […]

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