Cloud and the Revolutionization of Business

I spend a fair amount of time thinking about, writing about technology and how it’s changing the world of business. I’m guessing that you do, too, whether you’re in marketing, sales or IT – am I right? I spent the early part of this week in Las Vegas attending IBM’s PartnerWorld Leadership Conference and the […]

How to Reach and Engage Mobile Customers [Webinar]

How would you manage if you had to go without your smartphone for a day? How about a week? If you’re anything like me, it wouldn’t be long before you started to get twitchy. Most of us choose to be constantly connected, and surveys show that most of us keep our devices within arm’s reach […]

Smartphone Users Want to Buy: Get Out of Their Way

A new survey of US smartphone users suggests that while search engines are king when it comes to locating a business, the mobile call plays a critical role in in the purchasing process. I’ve experienced frustration when I was ready to make a purchase by obstacles, intentional or otherwise, that a potential vendor put in […]

Mobile Payments: Setting the Stage [Part 1 of a Series]

If you hang around Shelly for longer than 20 minutes, you’ll likely hear “mobile payments are changing everything.” And she’s right. The mobile space is exploding, and mobile payments are a reality. Consider this. You’re sitting down in a local coffee shop. Without looking up from your iPad you tell the barista that you’d like […]

Fifty Shades of Home Depot and The Best of the Web

We love the Interwebs. And since we’re addicted to the Internet already, we thought you might enjoy a weekly post including some of our favorite links of the week. Some you might learn a thing or two from, some might make you laugh, and some—well, some might just be flat out ridiculous. What else would […]

Mobile Devices Are Key to Content Consumption

We work with clients all the time to ensure their content is as consumable on mobile devices as it is via traditional means. It’s always a challenge. And when I stumbled across this video about user experience called “A Magazine is an iPad That Does Not Work,” well, I loved it. And, apparently, so did another […]

Mobile Users Demand Speed in Website Load Times

With the rate at which information travels in our digital age and with mobile data consumption on the rise, people are less patient than ever before when it comes to website load times — and mobile users demand speed. We are obsessed with speed. If browsers aren’t loading quickly enough, those of us who are mobile users […]

Apps That Make Sense: Taxi Sharing

I travel. A lot. And when I find tricks, tools and apps that make it easier for me, I’m all for them. I’m also immersed in the world of mobile marketing, so looking at what others are doing in the space is always at the top of my list. And when I’m stuck in an […]

Maximizing Location Based Mobile Search For Your Business

I spent the last 10 days vacationing in various parts of California. And because of location-based mobile search technology and the power of online communities, my taste buds – and those of my family – were titillated multiple times each day. For those of you who know me, you’re aware that I pretty much spend […]

Mobile Websites – Compatibility is Key

Website design fascinates me. Countless lines of what seem like gibberish tell your site what the structure it will take, what your font and line spacing will be, what database images should be pulled from and if they should rotate with other images or not. Great design is what got me into advertising in the […]

Mobile: Changing The Way We Buy Tickets?

I go to a ton of concerts and movies, and I also travel a fair amount. And mobile technology – specifically, mobile ticketing, is changing the way I interact with the vendors from whom I purchase tickets. What about you? Without a doubt, mobile technology has changed the way consumers interact with brands. In fact, […]

Mobile – Where Your Future Customers Are

It’s no secret that mobile communications and mobile/social integration are the next big frontiers when it comes to the worlds of technology and marketing. Wait – that’s a misstatement – they’re not next, they are NOW. We talk a lot about the mobile web and how critical it is for businesses to understand the need […]

Mobile Apps: Success Is In The Marketing

Mobile apps are all the rage. But marketing a mobile app is just as important as developing it. Statistics show that downloading an app and using an app repeatedly are two different things. Venture Beat reports that a whopping 26% of users download an app, then use it once. Yes, that’s right – once. And […]

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