Digital Time Predominantly Spent on Mobile Apps [Report]

With mobile apps seemingly taking over the world, the U.S. population now spends 52% of its “digital time” on mobile apps, according to  Comscore’s recently published The U.S. Mobile App Report. The supporting data in the Comscore report probably comes as no surprise: sit in an airport for thirty minutes for an overview of what digital […]

How to Reach and Engage Mobile Customers [Webinar]

How would you manage if you had to go without your smartphone for a day? How about a week? If you’re anything like me, it wouldn’t be long before you started to get twitchy. Most of us choose to be constantly connected, and surveys show that most of us keep our devices within arm’s reach […]

Cross-Device Campaigns: The Focus of Smart Marketers Everywhere

 A few forward-thinking brands ventured into cross-device campaigns in the last few years, with some success. But now that mobile and smartphone usage has steadily risen (and in fact surpasses desktop access of the web), so has the effectiveness of these campaigns. Marketers are more interested in mobile than ever before – and developing cross-device […]

Mobile Marketing and Customer Retention for the B2B Marketer

My friend Tim Hayden gave a terrific presentation at MarketingProfs’ sold out B2B Forum this last week, focusing on the importance of mobile marketing and customer retention for the B2B marketer. Tim has a passion for studying communications behavior and how new media and mobility are reshaping all of business. He’s been involved with a […]

Smartphone Users Want to Buy: Get Out of Their Way

A new survey of US smartphone users suggests that while search engines are king when it comes to locating a business, the mobile call plays a critical role in in the purchasing process. I’ve experienced frustration when I was ready to make a purchase by obstacles, intentional or otherwise, that a potential vendor put in […]

Digital Marketing Trends: 2013 The Year Of Content

According to an annual survey of digital professionals, content marketing is the single most significant digital marketing trend of 2013. Although trend reports certainly aren’t the end-all, be-all for business strategy, they can help guide your clients’ or company’s goals and processes. I don’t know any marketer worth his or her salt who’s not laser […]

What Customers Want From Mobile Websites [Case Study]

Want to know what consumers want from mobile websites? Yesterday my husband and I went shopping for tile for our kitchen and our experience is a perfect case study. The good news? It’s certainly not rocket science — in fact, we consumers don’t necessarily need a bunch of bells and whistles. All we want and […]

Foursquare Encourages Action With Promoted Updates

Foursquare recently launched Promoted Updates, a new paid advertising program that complements the app’s Local Updates functionality—and gives companies a new alternative when implementing mobile advertising. Disclaimer: I love Foursquare. The promoted updates are designed to help companies reach new customers by displaying ad content based on a user’s account location, day part, check-in history […]

More Smartphone Owners Opt For Location-Based Services

As mobile access and tablet ownership becomes increasingly prevalent, it likely comes as no surprise that smartphone ownership is on the rise, too. Recent data from Pew Internet also shows that more smartphone owners are accessing real-time, location-based information like directions and recommendations on their phones. No surprise to me–heck, I use location-based information and […]

Mobile Devices Are Key to Content Consumption

We work with clients all the time to ensure their content is as consumable on mobile devices as it is via traditional means. It’s always a challenge. And when I stumbled across this video about user experience called “A Magazine is an iPad That Does Not Work,” well, I loved it. And, apparently, so did another […]

How Teens Use Mobile Devices And What That Means For You

Mobile devices aren’t just becoming must-have tools for adults—teens are latching onto their phones in droves, using them for a variety of applications including games, communication and connecting to social platforms, to name a few. And although it’s likely no surprise that teens use their mobile devices a lot, it’s important to understand how they’re […]

Mobile Marketing: 5 Questions That Will Shape Your Strategy

How much does mobile marketing and mobile strategy factor into your integrated marketing plan? If you’re not already thinking about mobile, now is the time. By 2016, nearly three in five consumers will have a smartphone. And recent research from Forrester indicates that personal computers at home and in the office will soon be displaced […]

Mobile Marketing: 1 Billion Smartphones By 2016

If you haven’t given your mobile marketing strategy much thought, now’s the time. A new report from Forrester indicates that one billion people will own smartphones by 2016—surely reason enough to set your sights on mobile and integrate mobile marketing strategies into your overall marketing strategy. It’s predicted that 350 million workers will use smartphones […]

The Power Of Mobile Marketing: Tablet Usage On The Rise

If you’re a marketer and not already focusing on tablets, now’s the time. Consumer tablet usage statistics were recently released in a study and infographic created by The Pew Research Center in conjunction with The Economist Group, and the findings collectively illustrate a key point: as mobile usage continues to increase among consumers, tablets have […]

Mobile Users Demand Speed in Website Load Times

With the rate at which information travels in our digital age and with mobile data consumption on the rise, people are less patient than ever before when it comes to website load times — and mobile users demand speed. We are obsessed with speed. If browsers aren’t loading quickly enough, those of us who are mobile users […]

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