AT&T: A Mobile Provider With No Mobile Website? WTH?

We write about the importance of mobile websites for businesses on a regular basis and every time I think I can’t be surprised by the fact that a business doesn’t have a mobile website, someone proves me wrong. This time, it was AT&T. You know – only one of the biggest suppliers of mobile connectivity […]

Coolest Retro Photo App: Instagram or Streamzoo

Retro photo apps are all the rage. And for good reason. Fact: People love sharing pictures online. There are over 200 million photos uploaded to Facebook per day, which means there are more than 6 billion uploads per month. Much to the chagrin of digital camera makers, smartphones are becoming more and more ubiquitous and […]

Free Tools To Generate Your Own QR Code

Whether you love them or hate them (or maybe even have no idea what they are), QR codes are quickly gaining popularity as marketing tools. We have talked a lot about how mobile communications are the next big frontiers–and people like Patrick Donnelly, CEO of QR Arts, laud these 2D barcodes as “…an opportunity to turn a […]

A Wicked Cool Way to Use Your Instagram Stream

Instagram has been an absolute hit with mobile users. Launched in October 2010, Instagram quickly added 1 million users in a mere two months after their app launched. Now nine months into their existence, Instagram has 5 million users that have uploaded nearly 100 million photos. To put it in perspective – it took Flickr […]

Apps That Make Sense: Taxi Sharing

I travel. A lot. And when I find tricks, tools and apps that make it easier for me, I’m all for them. I’m also immersed in the world of mobile marketing, so looking at what others are doing in the space is always at the top of my list. And when I’m stuck in an […]

Mobile: Changing The Way We Buy Tickets?

I go to a ton of concerts and movies, and I also travel a fair amount. And mobile technology – specifically, mobile ticketing, is changing the way I interact with the vendors from whom I purchase tickets. What about you? Without a doubt, mobile technology has changed the way consumers interact with brands. In fact, […]

Why You Need a Mobile Website

Is your website mobile friendly? If not, let’s not beat around the bush – what exactly are you waiting for? Think about your own behavior in the past year – how many times have you accessed a website from your Smart Phone? And how many times have you been frustrated when you couldn’t read the […]

URLs Are For Tracking. Cookies Are For Eating

Web analytics are a critical data component (or at least they should be) for marketers. And today, URLs are what matter – as much as cookies always have in the past. The analytics provided by URL shortening services are a marketer’s goldmine. In today’s app-obsessed society, it’s becoming harder for marketers to track their consumers. […]

Mobile Apps: Success Is In The Marketing

Mobile apps are all the rage. But marketing a mobile app is just as important as developing it. Statistics show that downloading an app and using an app repeatedly are two different things. Venture Beat reports that a whopping 26% of users download an app, then use it once. Yes, that’s right – once. And […]

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