5 Tips For Implementing Social Media For Your Business

Small business owners and marketing consultants are well aware that they should be paying serious attention to social media as a way to reach customers. But few realize how to really leverage this channel and many screw it up royally. Some erroneously assume social media is yet another channel to use to push out marketing […]

New Google Features, Social Media Use Up 43 Percent?

Google has made it possible for you to sign in to more than one Google account at a time!  According to Mashable, the Google multiple account sign-in feature has been tested for weeks but it is now publicly available.  To turn this feature on, you need to go to the Google Accounts page and enable […]

4th of July: Kramerita Recipe, Margarita at Girl Scout Camp, ‘David at the Dentist’ Earns $150K?

Happy 4th of July weekend! In honor of “America’s Birthday” we’re doing a 4th of July link fest for your reading pleasure. First of all, I have to brag on my partner in crime, the fabulous Shelly Kramer. Did you know she has a margarita named after her? THAT is rock star cool, especially if […]

Why Your Brand Needs Business Intelligence

The need for biz intelligence is not going away. Gathering business intelligence and mining for data about your brand (and your competitors) will grow as time goes on. Investing in social media monitoring and business intelligence should be built into your marketing plan.  For those of you with your head in the sand, take a […]

Week in Review: Family iPad, Happy Web, Guy Kawasaki and Sexy ‘Single Ladies’ Video

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are a few of our favorite links of the week! My friend Jessica Gottlieb gave me the heads up about this nightmare video of little girls doing a very sexy dance.  Go to Jessica Gottlieb’s blog to read the background on this story, if you haven’t seen it.  The […]

Video Killed the Radio Star

We Can’t Rewind, We’ve Gone Too Far I don’t know why, but most blog post concepts that pop into my mind start with a silly song. This one is no exception. Online video – it’s where it’s at. What is your business doing about it? Online video viewing is on the rise and it’s going […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Updates

Did you know that if you have more than 250 Facebook friends, you’re probably not seeing all of their updates in your news stream? Do you care? Do you want to see those updates? I love scrolling through my news stream on a daily basis and seeing what my pals all over the world are […]

Kevin Smith v. SWA. Still Think You Don’t Need a Social Media Crisis Plan?

The Twitter stream and all the national news is filled with posts about Kevin Smith and his smackdown at the hands of Southwest Airlines. “Too Fat To Fly” is the catchy headline that ABC News led with and the story’s been picked up by the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and is the talk of […]

Imogen Heap’s ‘Twitter Dress’ is More Than a Fashion Statement

Imogen Heap created a buzz at the Grammy Awards with her Twitter Dress. Imogen’s Twitter Dress had its own Twitter feed and displayed Twitter pics sent by fans in real-time using the hashtag #twitdress. The dress was cool but the fact that the dress exists is the big news!  Mashable reported that Heap’s dress was […]

Can’t We All Just Have Some Nachos?

I don’t care what you believe. Not when it comes to politics. Not when it comes to religion. Not when it comes to the issue of abortion. Not even when it comes to the issue of what color you should paint your house. You can vote, worship, abort or not – AND paint your house […]

Not-For-Profits Learn from Haiti Disaster Just How Effective Social Media Can Be

Looking over photographs from Port-au-Prince showing in graphic detail the devastation in Haiti is gut-wrenchingly sad. It literally makes me want to pack a bag and head over there and help. Since that’s not possible, I’ve donated money, gathered items to take to UPS to ship over there, and done all I can to help […]

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