CCOs CDOs and the CMO: Do We Need Them or is This Just Craziness

Digital is changing the world of business faster than many organizations can adjust or react to the ever-changing demands of their clients and customers. No matter what size the organization, the CMO’s role is constantly changing and transforming. CMOs are embracing digital channels with enthusiasm, yet with so many changes happening in the market, it’s […]

3 Marketing Mistakes Most Companies Make

From vanity metrics to buzz, don’t fall into these common marketing traps. Many of the projects I manage with companies are born out of a catastrophic event. They seek me out because something they have built–a product or marketing campaign–isn’t generating the numbers they had hoped or expected. I work with them to correct their […]

Brand Storytelling: How Crop Ventures Got My Attention

Great products solve problems. And great brand storytelling sells them. It’s a no-brainer: when you can market in such a way that customers quickly and easily see the problems your product or service solves, the chances of selling them are exponentially increased. It really is as easy as that. This is a conversation we have […]

5 Free Tools for Finding Targeted Twitter Users

When you’re engaged in the business of social media marketing, tools that make life easier – like tools to help find specific Twitter users – can be extremely helpful. And if they’re free, so much the better. Earlier this year we wrote a post on 7 Free Twitter Keyword Research Tools that identified some of […]

Are Receipts Integration Gold for Marketers?

In our consumer-driven society, marketers continually look for opportunities to cut through the clutter and give their product a shining moment in the consumer’s eye. With digital gadgets more likely to be in consumer’s pockets and the increasing ease of collecting data on consumers, designers and marketers are rethinking these opportunities for engagement. What if, […]

Free Tools To Generate Your Own QR Code

Whether you love them or hate them (or maybe even have no idea what they are), QR codes are quickly gaining popularity as marketing tools. We have talked a lot about how mobile communications are the next big frontiers–and people like Patrick Donnelly, CEO of QR Arts, laud these 2D barcodes as “…an opportunity to turn a […]

TOMS Building Upon ‘Soleful’ Brand

Who can pass up a good pun, right? I’m probably one of the least fashionable people out there. However, even for the fashion-challenged like me, it’s likely that you’ve heard about TOMS Shoes. TOMS was formed by entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie in 2006 on the simple concept that by selling these comfortable, Argentinian-style shoes to consumers […]

Social Bookmarking: What It Is And Why It Matters

Social Bookmarking is definitely the “social” way to save your favorite sites/blog posts. However, equally as important, social bookmarking is an element of online content distribution – or content marketing – that’s an integral part of the process of driving brand awareness as well as traffic (and leads) back to your blog or website. Social […]

URLs Are For Tracking. Cookies Are For Eating

Web analytics are a critical data component (or at least they should be) for marketers. And today, URLs are what matter – as much as cookies always have in the past. The analytics provided by URL shortening services are a marketer’s goldmine. In today’s app-obsessed society, it’s becoming harder for marketers to track their consumers. […]

If You Want The Same Crap, Hire The Same People

I discovered the “website” of Boone Oakley today quite by accident. Loved it so much that I had to stop what I was doing and write about it. You know the drill. Those interwebs – they’ll get you every time. For those of you who don’t know, I live in the “fly-over zone.” That means […]

Free Resources for Business: American Express Open Forum

Shelly Kramer and I love marketing. We are card carrying geeks who love to obsess and learn about all kinds of different businesses. Some people knit or make bird houses—Shelly and I get fired up about figuring out efficient and effective marketing strategies, tactics and plans. The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce offers a popular […]

Is Ugly The New Edgy?

I came across this Marc Jacobs ad in a posh and trendy fashion mag the other day and felt compelled to comment. I mean, seriously, what’s going on here? Is ugly the new edgy? Does anyone – at Marc Jabobs, or anywhere else, think that this image of a puny, scruffy, not-at-all-attractive dude in a […]

Social Media Works: Why Social Media and Blogging Are Good for Your Bottom Line

What does Social Media and Blogging DO for my bottom line? Do you ever get this question from a client?   We created a quick and easy presentation that makes the case that social media is not just for kids or tech companies.  It’s over on SlideShare and please feel free to download it or […]

Google TV – What It Means To Me

Okay, I’m a dork. I know it. Admit it. Embrace it. And while I don’t watch a bunch of TV, I’m online constantly. Big surprise, I know. This Google TV announcement is awesome. And I know that Microsoft tried to do this and that Apple TV is out there, but I’ve never really paid attention […]

Week in Review: Family iPad, Happy Web, Guy Kawasaki and Sexy ‘Single Ladies’ Video

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are a few of our favorite links of the week! My friend Jessica Gottlieb gave me the heads up about this nightmare video of little girls doing a very sexy dance.  Go to Jessica Gottlieb’s blog to read the background on this story, if you haven’t seen it.  The […]

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