How To Make Marketing More Relevant

Imagine you have 30 days to walk into a new company in a relatively unfamiliar industry and produce a plan for reshaping the marketing function’s strategy, structure, process and people. What would you do? Not only have I been in that situation–I plan to share with you what we’re doing and have done in similar […]

Book Review: Marketing to Millennials

They got me with the introduction.  “They” being authors Jeff Fromm and Christie Garton. The hook for me? Stats. The Marketing to Millennials intro isn’t the standard, “why we wrote this book and there’s how it’s laid out” bit—instead, it highlights the research that was the catalyst for the book. The numbers are compelling and […]

B2B and Data Driven Marketing: About Them, Not You

Data driven marketing is changing the face of marketing today, in both the B2C and the B2B space. Personalization, segmentation and customization of messages designed to suit the customers’ needs, as well as utilization of marketing automation tactics, are critical components of success. And while many marketers understand this on a fundamental level, there are […]

Last Chance to Hear Emerson CMO Kathy Button Bell in KC

If you’re a B2B marketer in the Kansas City area, make plans to join the local chapter of the Business Marketing Association for the next session in the B2B Marketing Leaders Series featuring Emerson CMO Kathy Button Bell. During the presentation, to be held from 11:15 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 17 at the […]

Mobile Marketing: Understanding How People Use Smartphones

Mobile is huge—and getting bigger by the day. You’ve likely implemented—or are at least planning—a mobile marketing strategy as part of your overall integrated marketing strategy. Right? And what’s even more critical is to understand which of your consumers are using mobile technology like smartphones, and even more importantly, how they’re using that technology to […]

Marketing Strategy: Channeling The Power Of Purpose

Given today’s proliferation of digital channels, traditional marketing practices no longer apply when it comes to creating a marketing strategy, regardless of your industry. Eduardo Conrado, senior vice president and Chief Marketing Officer for Motorola Solutions, has seen this sort of marketing transformation firsthand. During yesterday’s BMA-KC luncheon, Eduardo talked about the division of Motorola […]

New .XXX Domains For Sale; Should You Buy Your Company’s Name?

Websites ending in .XXX are now for sale, a development that has been long awaited by those in the adult entertainment industry as a way to clearly identify sites with adult-oriented content. “While adult entertainment is enjoyable to many adults, it is not appropriate for all audiences,” said Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry, in […]

2 Simple Steps to Brilliant Marketing Strategy

I discovered this video the other morning because a friend read it on a blog, then shared it (thank you @MillerCan). As someone who spends a fair amount of time focused on helping clients develop marketing strategies, this particularly resonated. It also reinforces, once again, my ongoing love affair with the Internet and the amazing […]

Content Marketing: Why Video Works

People. Love. Video. Not yet sure you’re buying it? comScore’s video matrix, published December, 2010, reported that some 89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion videos. Not this year. Not this week. But today. They’re going to watch 1.2 billion videos today. comScore reports that there are some 180 […]

Strategy For 2011-Common Sense

This is a guest post written by Meg Fowler. She’s amazing. And shared these thoughts in a Facebook group. I liked them so much that I asked her to share them here – in a guest post. I think she’s onto something. I’ll bet you will, too. Common Sense I think my big push in […]

Breaking Down The Walls

I stopped at a local eyeglass shop this afternoon to begin the arduous process of shopping for new specs. There was really no time for this indulgence in an already busy day packed with wall-to-wall meetings, but I felt like stopping, so I did. This was a relatively new neighborhood store and one I’d not […]

Clueless Is Not An Excuse. SEO Matters.

Clueless. An apt description. And not so very long ago, I was pretty clueless about SEO and how important it is for business and, more importantly, for business growth. But now I know better. SEO is, quite simply, smart business practice. SEO is reality. If you want people to buy what you’re selling – I […]

Want to Sell More Stuff? Humanize Your Brand

I love Zappos. I have twin girls. And, while I’m not so good at math, here’s one thing I do know: Zappos + Twin Girls = LOTS of Shoes Why do I love Zappos? I love their selection, the fact that they remember what I like and let me know when they’ve got more of […]

Driving Sales Through Social Media

Social media has enabled companies (even some with notoriously poor customer service) to better field consumer questions and concerns. Major brands like Comcast, Dell and Best Buy have embraced social media as it has allowed them to connect with their consumers in a more immediate and impactful manner. If companies participating in the social media […]

OK Go. Smart AND Using Their Power For Good

I’m addicted to OK Go, I’ll just admit that right up front. I like their music, I like their movies, I like their style. Oh, and I love the marketing magic they so adeptly employ. Yesterday, when I saw that they were releasing their new song, I scooted over to YouTube to check it out […]

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