LinkedIn Launches University Pages

LinkedIn has long sought the college market and the launching of LinkedIn University Pages is a move that’s not surprising. The obvious reason is that LinkedIn is less valuable to a relatively young and inexperienced person looking to leverage the largest business social network than it is to the older, more experienced users. And that’s […]

LinkedIn Adds Company Page Analytics

If you’re a data freak like all of us on the V3 team, you’ll be happy to know that LinkedIn just unveiled new Company Page analytics <cue happy dance>. Combined with sponsored updates, these new tools enable company page admins and marketers to better target their audience with the content and information that matters—and track […]

LinkedIn To Launch Sponsored Posts

LinkedIn’s evolution into content-rich professional networking platform is expected to continue with the introduction of sponsored posts, a new feature that gives individuals and companies a chance to be more prominently featured in LinkedIn’s feed—and gives LinkedIn another potential revenue stream. The sponsored updates, similar to Facebook’s sponsored stories, give brands and businesses the chance […]

LinkedIn Channels: Deepening User Connections to Content

LinkedIn’s content experience continues to evolve with the launch of LinkedIn Channels, a content discovery feature that lets people stay up-to-date with the industry-related topics that matter most to them. Channels offers more than 20 broader topic areas including Your Career, Economy, Social Impact, Innovation and Higher Education, among others. Once you follow a channel, […]

LinkedIn Unveils Tagging and Company Admin Comments

As LinkedIn continues to become more robust and user-friendly, the professional networking site has introduced two new features: comment tagging and the ability for Company Page admins to interact in status updates as the company. “After all, you are involved in millions of conversations across LinkedIn day after day,” according to the LinkedIn blog. “That’s […]

LinkedIn Improves Search Functionality

If you’re a fan of LinkedIn search, good news—the site has improved its search functionality to deliver more and better results. Whether you use LinkedIn for new business development, recruiting, networking or job seeking, finding the information (or people) you need is likely an important part of your experience on the site, which is why […]

B2B Marketers: LinkedIn Launching Sponsored Posts

LinkedIn has announced yet another new feature that B2B marketers should be paying attention to—sponsored posts. On the heels of lots of changes, including new personal profiles and revamped company pages, this new functionality is interesting and sure to be something that smart B2B marketers will put to use as part of their integrated marketing […]

LinkedIn Missteps: Killing LinkedIn Answers

I don’t usually get all up in arms when a social media site I like changes its features. Stuff happens. Things change. Improvise, adapt, overcome. But when I heard the news about LinkedIn killing its Answers section through my friend, Todd Van Hoosear, and then this article on AGBeat, I was upset. This, I feel, […]

LinkedIn Unveils New Personal Profiles

The changes keep coming out of LinkedIn headquarters. On the heels of an announcement about new company pages (not to mention a recent design overhaul of the homepage), LinkedIn has unveiled a new look for personal profiles. The streamlined design is touted as offering “a better way to connect and build relationships,” according to LinkedIn. […]

LinkedIn Unveils New Followers Feature

In an effort to build the site’s content library, LinkedIn unveiled a new followers feature that lets users follow selected industry leaders who will post original content to LinkedIn. “We know millions of conversations take place on LinkedIn everyday,” writes LinkedIn’s Ryan Roslansky. “Today, we’re providing another way for you to get even more value […]

How (And Why) To Upgrade To New LinkedIn Company Pages

On the heels of a home page redesign, LinkedIn just announced a new look for Company Pages. A number of aesthetic changes (and some improved functionality, too) unites for one purpose: “simplifying the LinkedIn experience across our core products,” says LinkedIn’s Mike Grishaver. LinkedIn Company Page admins are being urged to upgrade to the new […]

Microsoft Office Adds LinkedIn Integration

Big news out of LinkedIn headquarters—the next version of Microsoft Office will include LinkedIn integration by way of the Outlook Social Connector. For Outlook users, that’s good news, since it means they’ll no longer have to complete an additional download to sync with LinkedIn. The Outlook Social connector will give users access to photos, contact […]

LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates Increase Content Relevance

After testing the feature among a small sampling of customers, LinkedIn has released targeted status updates for LinkedIn company pages. The new feature gives page admins the ability to personalize the content that they deliver to their page audience, while LinkedIn members receive more relevant information from the companies they follow. The targeted status updates […]

More Than 6 Million LinkedIn Passwords Reportedly Leaked

If you’re a LinkedIn user, take a second to change your password now. More than 6 million LinkedIn passwords have reportedly leaked online—6.46 million, to be exact. A Russian forum user is taking responsibility for the leak, claiming that he hacked LinkedIn and uploaded the encrypted passwords without usernames. The passwords are encrypted with the […]

LinkedIn’s iPad App: Proof They Get Mobile

Now that LinkedIn’s iPad app is here, it’s clear the simple yet sophisticated tool was worth the wait. The iPad app proves that LinkedIn not only understands mobile, but also how mobile users want to interact with the site’s features and content while using a tablet. So let’s take a look at what the LinkedIn […]

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