Kansas City Police Department Capitalizing on Pinterest and Other Social Media

The Kansas City Police Department is leading the way when it comes to social media marketing, having established a presence on a number of sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and, most recently, Pinterest. Since two of the primary benefits of social media marketing are communication and conversation, it only makes sense that police departments incorporate […]

Kansas City Social Media Masters: Focus on Corporate Blogging

The Social Media Masters Conference made a stop in Kansas City last week and it was great to be a workshop presenter. The topic I tackled: Corporate Blogging: How to Use Blogging for Leads and Sales, is a perpetual favorite. I speak at conferences several times a month in cities all over the U.S., but […]

Facebook Privacy Breach: 2 Settings You Need to Check NOW

Today I noticed two separate alerts about Facebook privacy breaches and thought I’d pop them into a blog post with instructions on how to remedy. The first has to do with browsing – and I would have never noticed it had I not seen Danny Brown’s status update mentioning it. Kudos to you, Danny. Finally, […]

How Architects Can Use Social Media

Savvy architects and other professionals are using the Internet and social media as a way to drive brand awareness, connect with people with similar passions and to do what all business owners seek – attract leads and clients. At a recent Kansas City AIA Chapter meeting, I gave a presentation on social media with Cindy […]

V3 Adds a Jayhawk to the Team

It is with much fanfare and hoopla that the V3 team welcomes Sarah Nettels, a junior at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk) as our Summer Intern. After going through what might have been the world’s easiest interviewing process,  (which mostly entailed being tenacious and bugging me incessantly when I didn’t get back to her […]

Social Bookmarking: What It Is And Why It Matters

Social Bookmarking is definitely the “social” way to save your favorite sites/blog posts. However, equally as important, social bookmarking is an element of online content distribution – or content marketing – that’s an integral part of the process of driving brand awareness as well as traffic (and leads) back to your blog or website. Social […]

Venturing Out Into Social Media? Start Here

Although many major companies are still skeptical about getting involved in the social landscape – research shows 96% of these brands expect to dedicate more time and resources to social media initiatives over the next year. While more brands are familiar with social media now, knowing that you probably need a presence in the social […]

How NOT to be Invisible on the New Facebook Newsfeed

Feeling as if your Facebook Newsfeed is filled with updates from all the same people lately? You’re not crazy – well, at least with regard to this issue. Facebook has once again changed the game on us and, as a result, it’s likely that your settings are such that only a small section of your […]

V3’s Social Media Digest on 2011-01-21

@JenFongSpeaks I am going to #Blissdom ! Very much looking forward to seeing you, Jen! in reply to JenFongSpeaks # The iPad Keynote in less than 180 Seconds – Incredible, Beautiful, Amazing! http://bit.ly/bV6VKY RT @tommytrc # V3’s Social Media Digest on 2011-01-20: Top 20 Social Media Monitoring Vendors for Business http://fb.me/R2iyIz3… http://bit.ly/e4CiIw # "9 Steps […]

V3’s Social Media Digest on 2011-01-20

Top 20 Social Media Monitoring Vendors for Business http://fb.me/R2iyIz3H RT @mmangen # @jmitchem I'm terrific, thanks, Jim. You?? in reply to jmitchem # @spurdave :)) in reply to spurdave # V3’s Social Media Digest on 2011-01-19: Alcoholic Whipped Cream Causes Concern http://bit.ly/dP5pE6 RT @Challeng… http://bit.ly/gj9Rs9 # @jmitchem That's not good. Getting back on is, however, […]

V3’s Social Media Digest on 2011-01-19

Alcoholic Whipped Cream Causes Concern http://bit.ly/dP5pE6 RT @ChallengesRehab # Spin class. Almost made me throw up. I suppose that means it was good. Cc @ joycecherrier #hag http://4sq.com/fbXD6g # @PRCog which one? in reply to PRCog # @lizaweiner it was a good kind of almost barfing … You know what I mean ;). And I […]

V3’s Social Media Digest on 2011-01-18

RT @joemescher: Your Culture Is Your Brand http://ow.ly/3EOP9 Such an awesome Zappos post from 2009 #MKT250 # @Ribeezie Damn, but I missed this! Hope the coffee was yummy. in reply to Ribeezie # @JustInTheSouth Hello Justin .. hope you're weekend has been stupendous. in reply to JustInTheSouth # RT @petenam: Every time Tom Brady cries, […]

V3’s Social Media Digest on 2011-01-17

Dear @shonali Happy Ding Dong Birthday, Woman!!! Hope you're celebrating in style! # @KatherineMeyer <*mwah to you lovely daughter*> Always go after what you want. And let nothing stand in your way. in reply to KatherineMeyer # @theantijared :))) Noticed that! in reply to theantijared # Dinner date with the Chili Peppers and my handsome […]

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