Secret To Small Business Success? Local Search

Just because you have a cool business or offer a unique service, doesn’t necessarily mean that people will find you. Or buy what you sell. Which is often a critical misstep that businesses make. Paying attention to local search and developing a strategy to maximize your exposure in your own community is a critical component […]

WordPress Ninja! 5 Plugins To Make Your Blog Kick A**

I don’t know what came over me – I just saw this picture of the Hot Ninja Babe and wanted to BE her for a minute (but only a minute), so I thought she belonged here. This post, while NOT written by or about a Hot Ninja Babe, was written by my friend, Matt Bernier, […]

How to ROCK Your Small Business

Vision without execution is a daydream. Execution without vision is a nightmare. Japanese Proverb That proverb made me think of many of the small business owners I know. A strategic marketing plan is often the step that most small business owners overlook, yet is really the most critical to their ultimate success. And, for some […]

Want to Vlog? Steve Garfield is Your Guy

I have been vocal about my resolve to integrate video into my blogging efforts and the last time I wrote about this quest, many of you were, too. I met Steve Garfield last year at Jeff Pulver’s 140Characters Conference in LA and we’ve been friends ever since. Mostly (private joke). Oh, and when Newsweek calls […]

George Steinbrenner on Winning

George Steinbrenner passed today. As a NY girl who grew up with a dad that lived and breathed baseball, and for Yankees fans the world over, it’s a sad day. And for the record, my dad is a diehard Mets fan, but that doesn’t make Steinbrenner any less of a force in my childhood. Steinbrenner […]

Have a Job? Thank Your Customers.

This is what my friend Erika Napoletano, the infamous Chief Redhead at Redhead Writing, would call a Bitch Slap. Damn, but I wish I’d thought of that. I’ll ask again … do you have a job? If so, it’s probably because the business you work for has customers. And when was the last time you […]

It’s Official: I’ve Become My Mother

I love information. I’ll admit it. I’m an addict and a user. My mother, God love her, routinely clips articles from the daily newspaper that she thinks I’ll find interesting and mails them to me from her idyllic home in south Florida. Sometimes she even sends me crossword puzzles that she’s clipped, copied, and is […]

KC Small Biz Owners: Want to Grow?

Then don’t miss an opportunity to get some advice from America’s leading small business management expert, Jane Applegate. Applegate is coming to Kansas City on Wednesday, June 23 as part of my friend, Kelly Scanlon and her Thinking Bigger Business Media’s Thinking Bigger Business Speaker Series. She’s the author of four books on small business […]

The WOW Factor – How To Make Clients Believers

My team and I talk with clients and prospective clients on a daily basis about how the world of marketing has changed over the course of the last number of years and how critical it is to adapt marketing strategies accordingly. Sometimes I suspect they skeptically regard us as just another bunch of people with […]

Video Killed the Radio Star

We Can’t Rewind, We’ve Gone Too Far I don’t know why, but most blog post concepts that pop into my mind start with a silly song. This one is no exception. Online video – it’s where it’s at. What is your business doing about it? Online video viewing is on the rise and it’s going […]

Dear Competitor,

Dear Competitor, I couldn’t sleep last night and found myself thinking of you. I love competition, both for myself and for my clients. It keeps me thinking (which I enjoy), on my toes (good, because I’m short) and adaptable (which I find, perversely, fun). And while I was thinking of you, I felt compelled to […]

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