Want to Sell More Stuff? Humanize Your Brand

I love Zappos. I have twin girls. And, while I’m not so good at math, here’s one thing I do know: Zappos + Twin Girls = LOTS of Shoes Why do I love Zappos? I love their selection, the fact that they remember what I like and let me know when they’ve got more of […]

Sneak Peek: Social Media for Business

I’m doing a webinar series with my smart and sassy friend, Erika Napoletano, Head Redhead at Redhead Writing. And yes, we are the geeky girls you might not have paid attention to in high school. But all that’s changed now. We’ve got the goods. And how. And we’re partnering with our friends at iThinkBigger and […]

Social Media: Making Life Easier for PR Pros

Aside from techies, PR professionals have been some of the earliest adopters of social media. With newsrooms shrinking, the old mainstays of pitching (i.e. the dreaded press release, VNRs, e-mail pitches, phone calls etc.), have become increasingly less effective as stand alone tactics. Although tools like Cision and Vocus have proven to be great resources […]

Engagement: Take The Good With The Bad

I was reading today’s AdAge about The Gap’s sister brand, Piperlime, and their experiment with adding some edgy personality to their Facebook wall posts. The postings were in conjunction with a well-planned marketing campaign, and it ruffled the feathers of some consumers. First of all, let’s just get on over the idea that it’s important […]

Secret To Small Business Success? Local Search

Just because you have a cool business or offer a unique service, doesn’t necessarily mean that people will find you. Or buy what you sell. Which is often a critical misstep that businesses make. Paying attention to local search and developing a strategy to maximize your exposure in your own community is a critical component […]

WordPress Ninja! 5 Plugins To Make Your Blog Kick A**

I don’t know what came over me – I just saw this picture of the Hot Ninja Babe and wanted to BE her for a minute (but only a minute), so I thought she belonged here. This post, while NOT written by or about a Hot Ninja Babe, was written by my friend, Matt Bernier, […]

How to ROCK Your Small Business

Vision without execution is a daydream. Execution without vision is a nightmare. Japanese Proverb That proverb made me think of many of the small business owners I know. A strategic marketing plan is often the step that most small business owners overlook, yet is really the most critical to their ultimate success. And, for some […]

Vlogging – It Just Gets Easier!

Okay, so in an effort to practice what I preach when it comes to marketing consulting in general and pretty much life as well, I found the nerve a few weeks ago to begin video blogging or, vlogging, as the cool cats say. And you know what, I’ve quickly learned that it’s not so bad […]

Want to Vlog? Steve Garfield is Your Guy

I have been vocal about my resolve to integrate video into my blogging efforts and the last time I wrote about this quest, many of you were, too. I met Steve Garfield last year at Jeff Pulver’s 140Characters Conference in LA and we’ve been friends ever since. Mostly (private joke). Oh, and when Newsweek calls […]

Hauling My Way to Stardom

Teenagers and their YouTube haul videos are all the rage these days, so after my visit to the neighborhood organic farmers’ market, I decided that I was haul-worthy, too. Heck, if they can do it, why not an old broad like me? The lovely and always delightful Kristi Colvin agreed, so what more encouragement did […]

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