Online Marketing Truth: More Content Equals More Leads

Sometimes, less is more–except when it’s not. And, when it comes to online marketing and lead generation. It seems like a no-brainer, but research from HubSpot reveals a simple truth: more content equals more traffic, and more traffic equals more leads. I don’t know any business that doesn’t want leads – which are essentially opportunities to […]

Website Best Practices: Does Your Load Time Measure Up?

So you have a super cool website with great content, a simple and well organized structure, killer graphics and search engine optimized content? While all this is great, one of the most important things (aside from making sure your SEO is spot on) is your site load time. We cannot say it enough – check to make sure […]

Mobile Users Demand Speed in Website Load Times

With the rate at which information travels in our digital age and with mobile data consumption on the rise, people are less patient than ever before when it comes to website load times — and mobile users demand speed. We are obsessed with speed. If browsers aren’t loading quickly enough, those of us who are mobile users […]

V3 Adds a Jayhawk to the Team

It is with much fanfare and hoopla that the V3 team welcomes Sarah Nettels, a junior at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk) as our Summer Intern. After going through what might have been the world’s easiest interviewing process,  (which mostly entailed being tenacious and bugging me incessantly when I didn’t get back to her […]

A/B Testing: Taking Your Website From Good to Great

Something you should be considering for your marketing efforts, especially as they relate to your website: A/B testing. Sounds fancy, but it’s really just a little testing of your concepts – and some math. And, of course, spiffy tools. Oh, and did I mention that a little time spent testing can result in impressively different […]

If You Want The Same Crap, Hire The Same People

I discovered the “website” of Boone Oakley today quite by accident. Loved it so much that I had to stop what I was doing and write about it. You know the drill. Those interwebs – they’ll get you every time. For those of you who don’t know, I live in the “fly-over zone.” That means […]

Clueless Is Not An Excuse. SEO Matters.

Clueless. An apt description. And not so very long ago, I was pretty clueless about SEO and how important it is for business and, more importantly, for business growth. But now I know better. SEO is, quite simply, smart business practice. SEO is reality. If you want people to buy what you’re selling – I […]

Want to Sell More Stuff? Humanize Your Brand

I love Zappos. I have twin girls. And, while I’m not so good at math, here’s one thing I do know: Zappos + Twin Girls = LOTS of Shoes Why do I love Zappos? I love their selection, the fact that they remember what I like and let me know when they’ve got more of […]

Addiction, Depression and Social Media?

People talk about “living life online” but even on the world wide web—there are still secrets.  Human beings may have all the new tools and gadgets but many of the old hangups are alive and well. Addiction is still a topic that it is hard to find conversations about online.  It makes sense.  Most people […]

The Big Ad Gig OR My Love Affair With Kendall Allen

I discovered the brilliance that is Kendall Allen a few years ago. For me, her MediaPost content qualifies as ‘must read’ and it’s a good thing I live a few states away, because if I didn’t she’d have serious stalker issues . I’m a fangirl of the highest order and, although she’s a bona fide […]

Spelling: It’s a Matter of Pubic Safety

I’m an occasional ranter. I’ll cop to that. And one of my most common rants is about lack of attention to detail. Little things. Like spelling. Punctuation. Grammar. You know the stuff. I am old. That is undeniable. But back in the day, we had teachers who drilled the importance of attention to detail – […]

Are You Obsessed With The Right Things?

I saw this campaign for breast cancer awareness at MediaBistro’s Ads of the World site and was stopped in my tracks. Following a read of Seth Godin’s blog post about interpreting criticism and how successful people rarely allow other people’s lack of imagination or ability to change impact their creativity made it an all around […]

Gini Dietrich, My Idol

Gini Dietrich is a good friend, a smart gal and someone I’d hire in a minute if I needed a whole bunch of marketing know how. And, of course, if I didn’t do that shiz myself. Her niece was hanging out in Chicago and spending time with her hip and trendy Aunt Gini recently and […]

F**K You, Cee Lo’s Viral Marketing Phenom

Two hours ago, I discovered Cee Lo Green’s new single, F**K YOU, on YouTube. Imagine that. Actually, I first discovered it on Facebook, and swiped it from my friend Redheadwriting’s wall, posted it on my own and ultimately ended up on YouTube, where it had a little more than 750,000 views. It’s a brilliant example […]

Up For a Friday Dare?

How about a smile? Surely, you’ve got that in you. I was doing some research today and ran across the It’s Time to Smile video of The Compliment Guys. It was shot by my client, Back Alley Films’ director Jesse Selwyn, for Kodak’s Brightside Tour in the fall of 2009. It made me smile. The […]

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