Six Reasons Your Marketing Strategy is Failing [and How to Fix It]

SBI’s recent research report entitled How to Increase Marketing’s Contribution to 2015 Revenue was, as always, an interesting read. SBI’s research indicated that the majority of marketing teams are failing to make an acceptable level of contribution to their company’s revenue and the report covered some key areas where marketers are failing. I thought it […]

Social Business Intelligence: Key to Integrated Marketing

Social business intelligence should play a large role in driving your integrated marketing strategy and your social business efforts. Still not sure what social intelligence is? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Classic business intelligence delivers—and allows you to analyze–data from the inside out. Conversely, social business intelligence delivers real-time data that you can leverage for […]

Marines Parody Call Me, Veginas Rule and Best of the Web

Welcome back for another week of the Best of the Web. This week a group of U.S. Marines stationed in Afganistan take “Call Me Maybe” to a whole new level, a 25-year-old drops a stink bomb on social media practitioners everywhere (and quite possibly her career prospects), cellphone providers rip us off (surprise), Foursquare changes, […]

Video: A Key Component of Your Integrated Marketing Efforts

Hopefully you’re either already using video and/or exploring the use of video in your integrated marketing efforts. Rich media content as part of your content marketing efforts, video in particular, is extremely effective at driving traffic, driving views and generating leads that can be converted to sales. You know, the stuff that matters. In other […]

Fifty Shades of Home Depot and The Best of the Web

We love the Interwebs. And since we’re addicted to the Internet already, we thought you might enjoy a weekly post including some of our favorite links of the week. Some you might learn a thing or two from, some might make you laugh, and some—well, some might just be flat out ridiculous. What else would […]

Mobile Devices Are Key to Content Consumption

We work with clients all the time to ensure their content is as consumable on mobile devices as it is via traditional means. It’s always a challenge. And when I stumbled across this video about user experience called “A Magazine is an iPad That Does Not Work,” well, I loved it. And, apparently, so did another […]

BuddyMedia Buy: Yet Another Piece of Integrated Marketing Puzzle’s acquisition of BuddyMedia is but one more step in the integrated marketing puzzle that marketers are focused on solving. Silos are gone (or going) and integration between sales, service and marketing are key drivers of success. No matter what your business, no matter what your industry, no matter what your product. And social media […]

Marketing Automation? Finding the Sweet Spot of Reality

Anyone who knows me from either the social media space or in “real” life knows that the words “marketing” and “automation” aren’t generally in my lexicon. But integrated marketing that’s effective, that’s a whole different conversation. There’s a lot to be said for processes and systems that can help make the processes of what we […]

The WOW Factor – How To Make Clients Believers

My team and I talk with clients and prospective clients on a daily basis about how the world of marketing has changed over the course of the last number of years and how critical it is to adapt marketing strategies accordingly. Sometimes I suspect they skeptically regard us as just another bunch of people with […]

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