Google Bids Goodbye to Authorship

One thing for sure about Google—change is a given. Just two short months ago we were talking about the end of profile pics in search results and now Google has pulled the plug entirely on Google Authorship. Given that anyone who is paying attention realizes that Google is constantly testing and evaluating different products, this […]

How Press Releases Have A Negative Impact on SEO

If you’ve written and distributed an online press release, you’ve probably taken some additional steps to optimize your content for higher SEO visibility, much like you would with any other form of digital content. The kicker? You might be unintentionally violating Google’s guidelines and tanking your search visibility. Earlier this year, Google quietly updated its […]

Bye Bye SEO Data: Google and the Game Changer

Big news of the week in the world of marketing and SEO is that Google finally made the move to switch all searches to encrypted searches.  And this, it changes everything about the way SEO professionals, and marketers, will have to work moving forward. In a nutshell, this means that websites will no longer be […]

7 Tips to Boost Your B2B Efforts on Google Plus

Social media networks are a great way to boost your global B2B efforts and supplement business campaigns. With the variety now available, there’s no excuse for a lack of international business-to-business communication. Leaving out the small-timers, think about the major players: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Using just these five, you have several […]

The Chick-fil-A Debate, Google Fiber and Best of the Web

Hello, friends! It’s time for another edition of Best of the Web. Where to begin this week!? How is the “Call Me Maybe” meme still around? What is Google Fiber? Email marketing is now a nurturing relationships platform? No matter your interests, we’re pretty sure our weekly link round-up has something for you. As a […]

Mobile Payments: Setting the Stage [Part 1 of a Series]

If you hang around Shelly for longer than 20 minutes, you’ll likely hear “mobile payments are changing everything.” And she’s right. The mobile space is exploding, and mobile payments are a reality. Consider this. You’re sitting down in a local coffee shop. Without looking up from your iPad you tell the barista that you’d like […]

SEO 101: How Google Works

As people and businesses now realize how important the web is for business today, understanding search engine optimization–we’ll call it “SEO 101”–and how Google works is pretty imperative. And there’s no shame in admitting that you kinda sorta think you know what SEO is all about, and why it matters, but that there’s probably more […]

Google Unveils New Bar, Drop-down Menu; Enhances User Experience

The Google team has been busy with a host of new design changes, including the implementation of a large, clickable Google button—called the Google bar—that now appears in the top left corner of any Google page. When you click the button, you’re presented with a drop-down menu that gives you a variety of quick links […]

How to Use Google+ For Your Nonprofit

Marketers and brands alike are excited because Google+ recently announced that businesses can now build pages. If you’re a nonprofit interested in using Google+, you’ve come to the right place. A week or so ago, we covered how businesses can explore using Google+, and now, we’ve got some suggestions for our nonprofit friends on maximizing G+. […]

4 Steps To Powering SEO For Your Business

The words “search engine optimization,”or SEO, can often be the bane of existence for many a marketing, creative or public relations professional.  These competent folks can – and do – regularly develop marketing strategies, create content, develop branding and messaging and handle social media for brands large and small. Yet when it comes to search […]

Google Plus Unveils New Features, Supports Google Apps

After a bit of a quiet period, Google+ is back in the headlines with a host of announcements that were unveiled late last week. With some 40 million Google+ users, some 1 billion pieces of content shared and a wealth of webinars and Google+ experts available for the bargain price of $47 (or less), if […]

Local Search: How It Impacts and How to Improve Results

Local search plays an important role in business success today. If content is king, then search results are queen – or co-kings, perhaps? Obviously, it’s important that your company’s website and/or corporate blog feature compelling content, yet if you don’t appear in search results, you’re losing out on a number of potential business opportunities – […]

Need a Google+ Invite: Come Get It

Google just announced that it is now easier for you to invite your friends to Google+ — ergo, it’s also easier for all you folks who don’t yet have an invite to get one. And, after the last few weeks of spending lots of time sending tons of invites in response to a blog post […]

How to Create Google Plus Profile Custom URL

So Google+ launched and all the social media loving geeks – myself included – are spending ridiculous amounts of time exploring, commenting, blogging, critiquing, complaining, hypothesizing, well, you know the drill. If you’re slightly annoyed at not yet getting into Google+ or annoyed by the incessant the talk about it, please forgive us. It’s no different […]

Social Bookmarking: How To Do It Correctly

Shelly wrote a post about Social Bookmarking, What It Is And Why You Need It, and this piece is intended as a follow-up, and to give you kind of a step-by-step tutorial on using social bookmarking sites. As mentioned in the earlier post, social bookmarking is really all about saving, discovering or sharing content online. […]

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