Things You Need To Know This Week – January 9, 2015

Wasn’t it great to get past the holiday break and return to normal life? I know I loved having a nice break with the family, but I’m always really happy when it’s all over. Hopefully you all had a nice break, too, and your New Year is off to a good start. As we get […]

Facebook’s [Still Unofficial] Facebook at Work Could Shake Things Up

“Facebook at work“ usually means a sneaky look at your News Feed when the boss isn’t around. But it seems we’ll soon see a new offering that could make the social network legit: Facebook at Work could not only make Facebook an essential part of your workday, it could also shake up the professional networking […]

Facebook Changes: Control What You See On Your News Feed

Facebook is continually introducing new features to improve the user experience. Last week Facebook announced they are making it easier for users to share feedback and control what they see in their News Feeds. The News Feed is where most people go to get a feel of what their friends and pages they follow are sharing […]

Why You Should Make Facebook Video Part of Your Game Plan

If you’re using video as a part of your integrated marketing strategy (and if you’re not please start), you might have been focusing on YouTube instead of Facebook. That needs to change. Facebook is nipping at YouTube’s heels when it comes to video views, and chances are good that’s not changing any time soon. Facebook’s […]

Facebook Changes News Feed Again: Beware the Click-Bait

Yesterday Facebook announced yet another change to the way stories are displayed in the News Feed that takes aim at click-bait content. This change and the best practices for link sharing moving forward impacts anyone who manages a brand page and the way we collectively share content moving forward. According to a Facebook news release […]

Things You Need To Know This Week – August 22, 2014

August 22nd is my dead mother’s birthday. Which a person can either look at as a major buzz kill or a poignant reminder of how short, but magical, life can be. I opt for the latter. I’m not anywhere close to getting used to life without her since her passing this past January and, as […]

The End of the Facebook Like-Gate Era: What Marketers Need To Know

There was a lot of discussion last week about Facebook and its decision to spin off messaging to a separate and dedicated mobile app. Judging from the raging debate on social media, people are pretty steamed about that, but as with most things, I imagine that will blow over. With complaining about that going on, […]

Facebook Ratchets Back Reach of Auto-posters

In a move that can’t happen quickly enough, Facebook has announced that content posted to the site by way of auto-posting tools is going to see exponentially decreased reach. Let the celebration begin. I’ve long loathed auto-posting tools that share the same content across multiple platforms. I don’t care what music you’re listening to on […]

Facebook Updates Business Pages Adds Competitive Intel

If you’ve noticed a change in the look of your personal Facebook newsfeed, you’re not alone. That’s not the only change happening on Facebook. If you manage brand pages for your own business or your clients, you may have already discovered some big changes. They include personalization on brand pages which streamlines internal management, new […]

Facebook Ditches Sponsored Stories: Do You Care

There have been a lot of changes happening lately regarding the way Facebook utilizes personal data from users. Aside from its dwindling brand page reach, Facebook recently announced that beginning in early April, we’ll no longer see Facebook sponsored stories in the news feed. Sponsored Stories, launched in 2011, involves customizing ads with user profile photos […]

Facebook Metrics: What To Know And What To Measure

You probably know by now that I’m a huge data freak. And using tools that track your data—whether for your website, blog, or your social media channels, is important. And when it comes to Facebook, an area of focus for many brands and marketers, knowing what’s important and what you need to be measuring is […]

Coolest Retro Photo App: Instagram or Streamzoo

Retro photo apps are all the rage. And for good reason. Fact: People love sharing pictures online. There are over 200 million photos uploaded to Facebook per day, which means there are more than 6 billion uploads per month. Much to the chagrin of digital camera makers, smartphones are becoming more and more ubiquitous and […]

How To Enable Facebook’s New Timeline

Questions about how to enable Facebook’s new Timeline feature is the latest hot topic in social media and technology. And for good reason — it virtually transforms not just your Facebook page, but the entire experience of the site, too. The only flaw in the plan? Timeline isn’t yet publicly available. You may have noticed […]

Sarcasm Lovers Rejoice: Sarcasm Font Has Arrived

Coming from a family of jokesters, it was pretty much a given that I would ultimately learn to develop a thick skin (well, frankly, I was forced to do so). It was also imperative that I learn the art of quick repartee as a form of self-preservation much like other children learn to walk. For […]

Facebook Privacy Breach: 2 Settings You Need to Check NOW

Today I noticed two separate alerts about Facebook privacy breaches and thought I’d pop them into a blog post with instructions on how to remedy. The first has to do with browsing – and I would have never noticed it had I not seen Danny Brown’s status update mentioning it. Kudos to you, Danny. Finally, […]

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