How To Be A Better Facebook Community Manager

If you’re a Facebook community manager, you’ve probably gotten the “Wow—you get paid to be on Facebook all day?” reaction from at least one person in your life—are we right? Yet you, like us, know that Facebook community management isn’t a walk in the park—and it’s more than posting a few status updates and responding […]

How To Get [And Use] Facebook Ranked Comments and Replies

After several months of testing, Facebook has launched ranked comments and replies, two features that add more functionality to Facebook’s commenting system. Like Graph Search, the new features were also released with another goal in mind: to increase time spent on Facebook. (Seriously? As if we all needed another reason to spend more time on […]

How To Prepare Your Facebook Page for Graph Search

The Internet is still abuzz with talk of Facebook’s Graph Search—and although some are skeptical about how the new tool will be used, that skepticism is countered by a growing realization that Facebook Graph Search has powerful potential for businesses. Beyond the bells and whistles, the core of graph search is about helping people discover […]

How To Change Your Facebook Page’s Vanity URL

Need to change your Facebook page vanity URL? Thanks to a Facebook change, it’s now possible to revise your Facebook page’s web address. Previously, page admins were unable to change their page’s vanity URLs once the address was specified and confirmed. Now, however, you can make a change—here’s how: Go to your Facebook page and […]

Facebook Unveils Comment Editing, Edit History

Facebook’s new comment editing feature has people all agog this past week. With Facebook (and every other social media network) there’s pretty much always something new–aren’t we used to this by now? The comment editing feature allows Facebook users to tweak their comments and will become universally available shortly. Previously, Facebook gave users a few […]

How To Add The New Facebook Subscribe Button To Your Website

Facebook recently announced the launch of a new subscribe button that allows Facebook users to subscribe to your website and/or blog, and then receive updates directly in their Facebook News Feed. We’re excited to see the evolution of this new feature, not only because it adds another dimension to the Facebook experience but is also […]

How To Enable Facebook’s New Timeline

Questions about how to enable Facebook’s new Timeline feature is the latest hot topic in social media and technology. And for good reason — it virtually transforms not just your Facebook page, but the entire experience of the site, too. The only flaw in the plan? Timeline isn’t yet publicly available. You may have noticed […]

Facebook Photo Tagging For Pages: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

One of Facebook’s newer features, photo tagging for pages, extends the power of brands; yet it’s one that, in our opinion, should be used carefully. You can get the full scoop on the new photo tagging feature here, but, to sum it up, Facebook pages can now be tagged in photos. This means brands, products […]

Inviting All Friends to Facebook Events

Update June 7, 2011: Sometime last week it appears the script no longer works. If someone finds another solution, or writes a new script, we would love it if you let us know. Update March 16, 2011: Not exactly sure when Facebook rolled out the changes to their events (sometime in the last week?). The […]

Make Your Small Business Rock on Facebook

This is a guest post written by my friend Erno Hannink, whom I was fortunate to meet at Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker’s SOBCon Event this past spring. And by the way, if you’ve not yet explored SOBCon, being held in Chicago on 4/29 – 5/1, you should. To a lot of people, Facebook looks […]

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