Facebook Ditches Sponsored Stories: Do You Care

There have been a lot of changes happening lately regarding the way Facebook utilizes personal data from users. Aside from its dwindling brand page reach, Facebook recently announced that beginning in early April, we’ll no longer see Facebook sponsored stories in the news feed. Sponsored Stories, launched in 2011, involves customizing ads with user profile photos […]

Facebook Hashtags: No Real Value Yet

When Facebook announced the launch of hashtags, there were two distinct responses in the social sphere: marketers were excited at the new opportunity to track their Facebook campaigns and gather new data, while the bulk of Facebook users said, “Huh? What’s a hashtag?” And while there may be some lingering excitement about the possibilities of […]

How To Be A Better Facebook Community Manager

If you’re a Facebook community manager, you’ve probably gotten the “Wow—you get paid to be on Facebook all day?” reaction from at least one person in your life—are we right? Yet you, like us, know that Facebook community management isn’t a walk in the park—and it’s more than posting a few status updates and responding […]

How To Get [And Use] Facebook Ranked Comments and Replies

After several months of testing, Facebook has launched ranked comments and replies, two features that add more functionality to Facebook’s commenting system. Like Graph Search, the new features were also released with another goal in mind: to increase time spent on Facebook. (Seriously? As if we all needed another reason to spend more time on […]

Facebook Hits 15 Million SMB Pages

Whether you love or loathe Facebook, there’s no denying the site is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. Need proof? Consider a recent milestone when Facebook hit 15 million SMB pages, a 2 million page increase since the end of 2012. Small business owners aren’t just tapping into Facebook’s page functionality—they’re also driving increases […]

Facebook Bug May Have Caused Inaccurate Page Reach Reports

If you’ve noticed some strange activity affecting your Facebook page’s reach and impressions stats, according to Facebook, a bug may have been the culprit. Facebook Studio recently revealed that, after an audit on their reporting system, they discovered a bug that resulted in reporting inaccurate reach and impressions. Admittedly a bit of a skeptic, especially […]

Webinar: Use Facebook Data for User Insights and Research

Sure, Facebook is a fun place to spend time—and it can be an effective, even lucrative part of your company’s digital marketing strategy. Yet Facebook is also a treasure trove of data, including consumer demographics, interests, activities and preferences. Think of it this way: Facebook users share more than 30 billion pieces of content each […]

How To Properly Run A Facebook Contest [And What To Avoid]

A Facebook contest can be a great way to acquire new fans and reenergize existing fans, but did you know that there are strict guidelines to follow when running a contest on Facebook? And if you don’t follow these guidelines, you’re putting your page and the audience you’ve built at risk because Facebook has the […]

Facebook: Focus on Performance, Not Awareness or Engagement

When it comes to Facebook marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in insights like page likes, comments and shares. Yet there’s a more critical objective to keep in mind: use Facebook to increase your company’s sales and, by extension, your bottom line. There’s no denying that social media is a great tool with which […]

Facebook Releases New Post-Targeting Tool

A new Facebook tool allows page admins to publish content to certain groups of fans defined by several different parameters. And, in true Facebook keep ‘em waiting style, the new post-targeting tool isn’t universally available; instead it’s gradually being rolled out to Facebook page admins. Prior to the release of this tool, admins had limited […]

Facebook Channels Digg with New Recommendations Bar

In Digg withdrawal? A new Facebook feature, the recommendations bar, provides a similarly social experience. The tool shows you stories from around the Internet based on what your friends are reading. The feature is now live, so there’s a good chance you’ve noticed it on your Facebook page. As Jeffrey Spehar writes for the Facebook […]

Facebook Pages Manager App Reportedly Coming to iPhone

If you manage Facebook brand pages, you’ll want to know about the Facebook Pages Manager app that’s reportedly on the way for iPhone users. We don’t know a ton about the Facebook Pages Manager app because it’s not yet been released, but knowing that it’s on the way makes us happy. We manage a lot […]

Research Shows Half of Facebook Pages Have Less Than 256 Fans

Despite the prevalence of Facebook pages, a recent study conducted by Recommend.ly indicates that more than half of them (56 percent, to be exact) have less than 256 fans. This research is the result a study of some 1.7 million Facebook pages. And that examination netted the following: Thirty-one percent of Facebook pages have less […]

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