Facebook: News Feed Visibility Changes and RIP EdgeRank

If you log onto Facebook and notice something different about your News Feed, it’s not a glitch. Earlier this week, Facebook announced several changes to the way the site determines what posts you see in your News Feed, including the addition of new features designed to help users discover content and the demise of the […]

Use PostRocket To Reach More Facebook Fans

When it comes to Facebook, if there’s anything better than more fans, it’s more engagement with your existing fans. Whether you think there’s some subterfuge by Facebook to force you to buy more ads, or you could simply use some work on optimizing your posts, more engagement is never a bad thing—and that’s where PostRocket […]

Why You Should Care About The New Facebook Reply Button

Recently, Facebook announced a significant update—the release of the Reply Button. And while Facebook has had a tumultuous relationship with Wall Street, Zuckerberg and his team are attempting to build confidence within the financial industry. That’s why they’re going to great lengths to develop solutions, features, and products that help brand marketers to use the platform effectively. Facebook wants […]

Facebook Reduces Cover Image Restrictions

Although most Facebook changes tend to make people, well, a little stabby, the latest news might just make your day. The site has quietly removed the majority of its cover image restrictions, making it easier for brands and businesses to use this valuable visual real estate to promote things like sales, events and the Facebook […]

How To Prepare Your Facebook Page for Graph Search

The Internet is still abuzz with talk of Facebook’s Graph Search—and although some are skeptical about how the new tool will be used, that skepticism is countered by a growing realization that Facebook Graph Search has powerful potential for businesses. Beyond the bells and whistles, the core of graph search is about helping people discover […]

Some Users Can Now Opt-In To See Facebook Page Posts

For those of you (like me) who spend a lot of time checking the Facebook news feed, you may have noticed that you’re seeing fewer posts from pages you’ve liked. If so, you’re not alone—a growing number of advertisers have complained about Facebook changing the EdgeRank algorithm, which prompted Facebook to give some users the […]

The Key to Facebook Engagement: Fill In The Blank

If you’re the admin of a Facebook page (or 10), you likely spend a lot of time cultivating your Facebook marketing strategy. And with Facebook changing things on what seems like a weekly basis, it can be hard to keep up with the latest tips and tricks. The good news? Despite Facebook’s ongoing evolution, it’s […]

Facebook: Focus on Performance, Not Awareness or Engagement

When it comes to Facebook marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in insights like page likes, comments and shares. Yet there’s a more critical objective to keep in mind: use Facebook to increase your company’s sales and, by extension, your bottom line. There’s no denying that social media is a great tool with which […]

How to Write the Perfect Facebook Post

Writing the perfect Facebook post is important for any Facebook page admin, regardless of your industry, business or brand. After all, Facebook posts are not only a crucial part of a Facebook page—they’re what a page’s fans (and their friends) see in the News Feed, and are the key to enticing (and maintaining) engagement. When […]

Alert: Older Facebook Apps May Stop Working In One Week

If you use any older apps on your Facebook page, consider this a heads-up that these apps may stop working within a week. Facebook apps were originally created using Facebook Mark Up Language [FBML], a sort of adaptation of HTML that provided the framework on which Facebook apps worked. However, on March 11, 2011, Facebook […]

Understanding EdgeRank To Improve Facebook Visibility

Getting your content seen on Facebook is likely considered by many to be the holy grail of Facebook marketing. And EdgeRank plays a big role. As you may already know, there’s a science to Facebook visibility—and that’s where the EdgeRank algorithm comes in. Understanding the algorithm and what it means is an important step when […]

How to Maximize Facebook Timeline for Your Brand or Business Page

If you’re still working on figuring out how to maximize Facebook timeline, D-Day is almost here. Friday, March 30, is when your Facebook pages will automatically convert to the new Timeline format. If you haven’t already started to think about the look and content strategy for your new Timeline page, consider this a swift kick […]

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