People Are Talking About Your Brand [And Not In A Survey]

I recently read an excellent blog post titled The Consumer Survey is Dead by Sam Fiorella, which was published about the same time I participated in a #CXO Twitter chat regarding customer surveys. I left comments with a common theme in both venues: Surveys require consumers to opt-in to a TASK you give them in […]

Trends Emerge in 2013 Community Manager Report

As part of the Community Manager Appreciation Day celebration, Social Fresh released its annual Community Manager Report, an infographic and white paper that compiles results of a survey distributed to community and social media managers. And now that the survey and report is in its third year, the data has revealed several emerging trends—all of […]

4 Steps to Guest Blogging Success

You’re likely no stranger to writing content for your blog. As you adapt to a writing schedule that works for you, take your content creation strategy one step further by submitting guest posts to other blogs. After all, when it comes to the Internet, the wider your digital footprint, the better. And regularly contributing content […]

Facebook: Focus on Performance, Not Awareness or Engagement

When it comes to Facebook marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in insights like page likes, comments and shares. Yet there’s a more critical objective to keep in mind: use Facebook to increase your company’s sales and, by extension, your bottom line. There’s no denying that social media is a great tool with which […]

Mobile Marketing: Understanding How People Use Smartphones

Mobile is huge—and getting bigger by the day. You’ve likely implemented—or are at least planning—a mobile marketing strategy as part of your overall integrated marketing strategy. Right? And what’s even more critical is to understand which of your consumers are using mobile technology like smartphones, and even more importantly, how they’re using that technology to […]

12 Annoying Things About Your Website That Drive People Away

How many times have you visited a website and ended up sorely disappointed? Or worse, annoyed as all get out? For me, the answer is an easy one: a lot! So, I put together a list of the 12 things that annoy me the most about websites. Maybe you’ll agree; maybe you won’t. Let’s see… […]

Identifying The Best B2B Social Practices

By now, surely you get it—your business needs to have a social presence and a larger digital marketing strategy to succeed in today’s socially driven digital landscape. Yet knowing that is only half the battle; you’ve got to identify and implement best practices, too. Digital and social strategies are critical regardless of whether your company […]

How to Maximize Facebook Timeline for Your Brand or Business Page

If you’re still working on figuring out how to maximize Facebook timeline, D-Day is almost here. Friday, March 30, is when your Facebook pages will automatically convert to the new Timeline format. If you haven’t already started to think about the look and content strategy for your new Timeline page, consider this a swift kick […]

A Brief History of Content Marketing and the Elements of Success

Content marketing is the buzzword of the moment, but in reality, it’s a marketing concept that’s been around for decades—heck, even longer than that. And when you think about it, that’s not surprising. After all, the technology and devices with which we produce and consume content have drastically changed, but words and stories are nothing […]

How To Add The New Facebook Subscribe Button To Your Website

Facebook recently announced the launch of a new subscribe button that allows Facebook users to subscribe to your website and/or blog, and then receive updates directly in their Facebook News Feed. We’re excited to see the evolution of this new feature, not only because it adds another dimension to the Facebook experience but is also […]

The Power Of Mobile Marketing: Tablet Usage On The Rise

If you’re a marketer and not already focusing on tablets, now’s the time. Consumer tablet usage statistics were recently released in a study and infographic created by The Pew Research Center in conjunction with The Economist Group, and the findings collectively illustrate a key point: as mobile usage continues to increase among consumers, tablets have […]

Facebook Subscribe Button To Be Available For Websites

Facebook announced a subscribe button that will now be available for third-party websites, a development that extends the social networking platform’s existing subscription service and encourages increased engagement between Facebook and websites. When you click the subscribe button on a website, you’ll see that site’s updates in your news feed. Additionally, your action will be […]

Twitter Unveils Business Pages For Brand Users

Big news out of Twitter headquarters—as part of a comprehensive redesign, the company has launched brand pages for business users. With this announcement, Twitter has become a more viable competitor against Facebook and Google+, two platforms that have made brand and business pages a visible component of their toolboxes. Twitter Brand Pages: What’s Different? The […]

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