Social Media Smackdown: How the WWE Rules the Web

When it comes to successful social media strategy and adoption, large corporations tend to be classified as late adopters—that is, if they’re even paying attention to social channels at all. Yet the WWE has emerged as a social media monolith, a company that, through experimentation, an army of resources and a mind-boggling financial investment, has […]

Report: What CEOs Think of Social Media

When you talk about corporate social media strategy, the general consensus is that corporations typically tend to be behind the curve when it comes to social media adoption and digital marketing. And, in many cases, the responsibility for such lack of adoption tends to land squarely on the C-Suite. IBM’s recent 2012 Global CEO Study, […]

Why Your Customer Service Needs To Be Online Now

Companies are investing more time and money into creating and maintaining a social media presence—and if you offer any sort of product or service, that presence should, without a doubt, include customer service. Compelling stats from Nielsen’s State of Social Media 2012 report show that today’s consumer not only uses online customer care channels—they’re coming […]

C-Suite Executives Not Measuring Impact of Social Business

Although more C-suite executives are buying in to the need for a corporate social media presence, they remain largely divided on the value of social business, according to a new global study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte. What’s more, the majority of CEOs surveyed said that social use is not measured—and this lack […]

How Fortune 500 Companies Use Social Media

When it comes to implementing a digital marketing strategy that includes an active social media presence, large corporations are often slow-moving, even hesitant adopters. Yet the importance of large companies using social media can’t be overstated. Not only can a strategic, well-executed social presence lead to increased revenue, new business development opportunities and other ROI-worthy […]

Social Media Strategy: KCI Airport’s Approach Takes Off

In a world where brands are constantly seeking new ways to listen to and engage in online conversations, airports have it easy. Across all social channels, consumers are talking about travel with frequency and passion. They’re researching reviews and crowd-sourcing ideas during the planning process. They’re boasting with photos while away and recounting adventures when […]

Social Media Marketing Investment Delivers ROI

Social media marketing continues to prove itself to marketers as a viable element of marketing strategy. If you’re one of the folks reading this who thinks “No, duh, dummy,” realize that while you might get the efficacy of an investment in social media marketing, there are many senior leaders who still do not. For marketers […]

Social Media Measurement: How Do You Get The C-Suite Buy In?

The easiest things to measure in social media are rarely the most important. And in order to get buy in from the C-Suite, you need to bring the A game. And answers (and data) that make sense. In a world where social media “gurus” and “experts” scream at conferences that, “You can’t measure social media […]

Social Media: A Must For CEOs Of The Future

Corporate social media strategies are nothing new. Yet historically, CEOs, on average, tend to not participate in company-wide social media initiatives. Or, if they do, their social media experimentation is often limited to a sparse LinkedIn profile and maybe a random tweet or two — hardly setting an example for the rest of the company. […]

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