NY Integrated Marketing Week Recap: The Power Of Images

While attending the first annual Integrated Marketing Week event last week, I was asked about my target audience by a business development manager from a Japanese digital agency. Entering that morning’s festivities, I would have answered graphic designers and creative directors from companies, big and small. But after spending just a few hours watching slides […]

How To Move Your Blog Post Up In Search Results

When you publish your blog post, ideally you want Google to index it and send you relevant traffic for free! But to get that traffic you need to help Google so the content is indexed correctly–and that means your blog content needs to be optimized so that Google can more easily discover it. Translation? Blog […]

Blogging Best Practices: Subheads Matter

If you’re interested in blogging best practices, focus on using subheads in your posts. Why? People don’t read anymore. Well, I take that back—let’s just say people don’t read like they used to. With so much content coming at us from all directions, most of us read less, scan more. And that’s why optimized subheads […]

Your Tumblr Blog: Why I Hate It

Have a Tumblr blog? That’s terrific. But for what it’s worth, I think it’s a bad idea to rely exclusively on Tumblr for your blog. And if you’re a business, it’s an even worse idea. Choosing Tumblr for your corporate blog just because you like the Tumblr platform is about like saying that because you […]

The Key to Writing Great Blog Posts

Writing effective content for the web is about more than picking a topic and actually writing the piece–although those two steps are, of course, a critical part of the process! A number of other elements are equally important when it comes to making your post readable, shareable and discoverable. This topic came up in a […]

Smart Ways to Use Customer Testimonials

When you’re in business to provide a product or service (and aren’t we all?), your ultimate goal is to get customers to use that product or service. Without customers, there is no business, and without satisfied customers, your company doesn’t stay around long. It’s a great feeling when a customer makes it point to praise […]

Content Marketing: A Beginning Checklist

Social media marketing tools and trends may come and go, but content marketing remains one of the most important components of any digital marketing strategy, regardless of your industry or subject matter. Continually creating compelling, informative content is a key way to spark interest in a specific product or service and not only help serve […]

Is Korrect Speling and Grammer Still Importint

The title of the post no doubt caught your eye—and you, like me, may have noticed an increasing number of spelling and grammar errors in content published both in print and on the web. Despite a seemingly increasing disregard for polished writing, I contend that it’s more important than ever to maintain high standards in […]

Content Marketing: Laying The Foundation With Google Reader

Follow along as we teach you how to build the ultimate tool to listen to the web to enhance your web marketing campaigns. But why would you want to do this in the first place? There are four key reasons to listen to the web when creating your content marketing strategy: Keeping track of your […]

Content Marketing: Master The Content Loop in 7 Steps

Most social media-savvy marketing managers recognize quality content as a web traffic (and business) driver and content marketing as digital innovation—and, ultimately, revenue generation. And when it comes to creating and distributing content as a key part of your content strategy, keep two objectives in mind: creative and marketing. The creative objective is to regularly […]

Content Marketing: How Businesses Can Create A Successful Content Strategy

Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the hot digital marketing terms of 2012, but there’s far more to identifying—and implementing—a successful content strategy than simply creating content. In fact, when considering the components of creating a content marketing strategy, writing is the easy part of the equation. In today’s increasingly crowded content marketplace, your brand […]

A Brief History of Content Marketing and the Elements of Success

Content marketing is the buzzword of the moment, but in reality, it’s a marketing concept that’s been around for decades—heck, even longer than that. And when you think about it, that’s not surprising. After all, the technology and devices with which we produce and consume content have drastically changed, but words and stories are nothing […]

Why It’s Time To Take A Long, Hard Look At Your Web Content

This is the story of relevant web content – and why it matters. What would you do if you woke up one morning and found your website MIA? Vanished over night. No trace of it anywhere in the search results. Impossible, you say? Now, now, brown cow. It’s not impossible at all. Google owes you […]

How To Add The New Facebook Subscribe Button To Your Website

Facebook recently announced the launch of a new subscribe button that allows Facebook users to subscribe to your website and/or blog, and then receive updates directly in their Facebook News Feed. We’re excited to see the evolution of this new feature, not only because it adds another dimension to the Facebook experience but is also […]

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