How Not To Do Business With A Contractor

A nasty virtual fight erupted recently between Fitness SF, a gym in San Francisco and web designer Frank Jonen. And if you work as a contractor, there’s some valuable lessons to be learned amid the drama. Here’s the back story. Fitness SF hired Frank Jonen to “develop a functional website for our brand.” Frank says […]

Elevate Your Brand By Merging Product And Service

Truly great brands have mastered a critical strategy: the merger of products and services. Sure, components like sales and marketing are important, too. But when it comes to creating a brand that’s successful and memorable, integration is key. Think about some of your favorite brands. Around the V3 offices, we’re gadget geeks and unabashed Apple […]

Want to Sell More Stuff? Humanize Your Brand

I love Zappos. I have twin girls. And, while I’m not so good at math, here’s one thing I do know: Zappos + Twin Girls = LOTS of Shoes Why do I love Zappos? I love their selection, the fact that they remember what I like and let me know when they’ve got more of […]

Addiction, Depression and Social Media?

People talk about “living life online” but even on the world wide web—there are still secrets.  Human beings may have all the new tools and gadgets but many of the old hangups are alive and well. Addiction is still a topic that it is hard to find conversations about online.  It makes sense.  Most people […]

Subway’s ‘Golf Therapy’ Series is Brilliant Marketing

Subway launched a web series today with a one-hour special on NBC that links Therapy, Golf and Sandwiches.  Subway is once again leading the way in the fast-food category with a new social media savvy marketing initiative. The sandwich gurus latest campaign will be launched on multiple platforms, including web and in-store media. Subway has […]

Nike’s Giant Golden Balls

The Nike video featuring Tiger Woods and voiceover of his now-deceased dad, Earl Woods, is nothing short of brilliance. The commentary, actually part of a 2004 documentary, featured Earl talking about himself as compared to Tila, Tiger’s mom, and their different personality styles. But, in a very surreal way, it was perfectly tailored to the […]

Branding 101: Desire. Danger. Magic Sword.

Many successful brands have used a problem-solution approach to reach their customers.  But a brilliant marketing guru, Jonathan Kranz takes the problem-solution approach one step further. Kranz has a very simple approach for developing your business story that he calls “Desire. Danger. Magic Sword.” According to Jonathan Kranz: Stories aren’t just for campfires and school […]

Victoria’s Secret Pink is a Brilliant Strategy, Is Your Brand Thinking Ahead?

The Victoria’s Secret Pink brand is a brilliant strategy to hook future customers. The Pink brand is targeted toward teens and college-aged women. Pink offers sweats and pj’s versus teddies and push-up bras. The brand image is one of “cute and playful” versus the more overtly sexy image of the core brand. The Pink collection […]

Branded Tweets? It’s All About The Links, Baby.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of anything having to do with automation when it comes to social media. It’s a matter of principle. To me, social media means being real. That means being there, in the moment, participating, engaging, learning, sharing – you know the drill. And, in my book, […]

Time to Make a New Plan, Stan

By all accounts, we’re pretty much all looking forward to putting this dismal year and an even more dismal decade behind us and moving on. What does that mean for you and your business? Don’t need to be coy, Roy. Which is good, because coy has never been my style. Direct and to the point, […]

The Brand of You

It seems that every day I’m having a conversation with someone – friend, client, prospective client, you name it, about the importance of social media and the need to integrate it into your life and into your business. In fact, I get a little sick of having the same conversation over and over and over […]

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