Corporate Communications: Crisis in Conscience

January is universally known as the New Year’s resolution month. People commit to losing weight, getting organized, spending more time with family, staying fit, eating healthy, and a host of other things. Unfortunately, according to a 2014 University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, only eight percent are successful in actually achieving their resolution. For corporate America, one resolution worth […]

Personal Branding 101: Six Strategies for Building Your Personal Brand

I wrote a month or so ago about the importance of building your personal brand, inspired by my friend, Dorie Clark’s presentation at a CMO Meetup I attended. Dorie is a brand strategist and the author of Reinventing You, a Step-by-Step Guide to Defining Your Brand and Imagining Your Future. In a world that is […]

British Airways Sponsored Tweet: Customer Service Is Critical

You’ve probably heard about Hasan Syed’s purchase of a promoted tweet to blast his frustration to British Airways’ 302,000 Twitter followers. And while that in itself is an interesting story, we see a bigger issue: the increasing imperativeness of a proactive, responsive online customer service strategy. If you’ve been hiding under a rock the last […]

Why The Company You Keep Online Is A Big Deal [And How To Fix It]

You know how your parents told you that the company you keep says a lot about you? The same is true when it comes to the Internet and how the company you keep online can impact your reputation and credibility. Why You’re The Online Company You Keep As social media use has skyrocketed, so has […]

Agency Outreach Gone Wrong: And How to Avoid It

Work as part of a PR or ad agency team doing outreach to bloggers or influencers on behalf of your client? If so, there are some easy steps to follow to make sure your outreach yields good results. And before I begin, I’ll say that this post was prompted because I got a very nice […]

5 Donor Retention Strategies for Nonprofits

No matter what industry you’re in, the first part of a new year is typically a time for planning and strategizing–and nonprofits are no exception. Many nonprofits kick off 2013 with a new presidency and new goals, as well as new challenges. First thing’s first, says Matthew Mielcarek, Charity Dynamic’s VP of Consulting–retaining the influx […]

Companies Missing the Boat with Social Customer Service

An experience with Ruby Tuesday regarding Foursquare (and customer service to be desired) proved without a doubt that social media adoption as well as social customer service has a long way to go in the largest companies. This (social media adoption) doesn’t mean on which and how many social media channels a company is engaging; […]

DKNY Brand in Fix Over Alleged HONY Photo Snatch

Facebook friends just served up the latest brand faux pas a la DKNY allegedly using photos belonging to HONY—with neither permission nor payment—as part of a window campaign. The story: street photographer Brandon Stanton, who runs the Humans of New York site, was approached by DKNY about purchasing some of his images for use in […]

Why Your Business Can’t Afford To Ignore Hispanic Consumers

The brands of America are still struggling with ways to communicate with the exploding Hispanic consumers market. The Hispanic market not only continues to grow; Hispanics are now the country’s largest minority group. In spite of this, brands and the agencies that represent them still seem either completely mystified by or perhaps uninterested in the […]

The ROI Case for Building a Fiercely Loyal Community

I know you may be thinking “Why do I need to read about the case for building a community? Everyone already knows it’s the latest and greatest marketing trend.” Which is precisely my point. If all the community building going on right now is only based on the fact that it’s a marketing trend, it’s […]

Why You Need A Brand

I talk about branding all the time, and it’s fun for me because it’s a meaty and complex subject. That being said, why on earth does anyone really need to brand themselves? Are the following statements true of you? I want clarity on the types of job, business, projects or companies to have in my […]

Blogger Outreach: Thinking Beyond The Blog

If you’re a brand or agency engaged in the business of working with parent and mom bloggers (or influencers, brand advocates–whatever you’re calling them these days) for best results you should really think beyond the blog. What? Courting bloggers and not turning a laser focus on their blogs, their traffic, their subscribers, the other places […]

Email: What Your Customers Want

Consumers like email. And if you want to connect with them, email had best be part of your integrated marketing strategy. I was reading ExactTarget’s Marketers Are From Mars Report, which surveyed 400 marketers and 1200 consumers about their preferences when it comes to communicating and/or engaging with brands. The results are interesting. We marketers […]

Online Reputation Management in 6 Easy Steps

Online reputation management (or ORM) is a niche practice within the larger SEO discipline that focuses on gaining control of the first page of search results for your name, your business’s name or a product name. Online Reputation Management goes well beyond SEO to include aspects of PR and external communication, blogging, copywriting and social […]

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