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Twitter Profiles Revamped: What That Means For The Future

A lot of changes have been happening on Twitter lately. Last month they introduced the ability to tag your friends as well as add multiple photos in a single tweet.  This month Twitter announced it’s rolling out a new look for profile pages. What’s interesting about this: Twitter is looking a whole lot more like...

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What’s New With Wearable Tech?

You don’t have to be a Glasshole to know that wearable tech is hot right now. Consumers want wearable tech products like Google Glass, smart watches and especially fitness bands. If the wearable tech gadgets haven’t hit your neighborhood yet, it will be soon. Here are some wearable tech trends you will want to...

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How Poshmark and the USPS Are Shaking Up e-Commerce

Start-up retailer Poshmark has teamed up with the US Postal Service to create a new shipping concept that could change the face of e-commerce shipping in retail. Dubbed ‘PoshPost,’ the new venture is essentially the creation of a new USPS shipping label exclusively for the retail industry. Following a similar model...

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Millennials More Likely to be Influenced to Buy by Social Media Peers [Study]

A business as usual strategy isn’t going to be enough to reach a consumer market...

How Millennials Are Changing the Face of Consumer Marketing

Since the earliest days of advertising marketers have recognized the value of segmenting...

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Traditional Marketing

British Airways Sponsored Tweet: Customer Service Is Critical

You’ve probably heard about Hasan Syed’s purchase of a promoted tweet to blast...

Why The Company You Keep Online Is A Big Deal [And How To Fix It]

You know how your parents told you that the company you keep says a lot about you?...

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