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What the Microsoft .NET Move to Open Source Means

Microsoft has just done what it would have cringed to do almost a decade ago – making .NET an open source platform. If you remember, Microsoft has never been an open-source loving company. In fact, it had raged a bloody war against this very practice almost 10 years back calling open sourcing “unhealthy” and...

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Facebook Changes: Control What You See On Your News Feed

Facebook is continually introducing new features to improve the user experience. Last week Facebook announced they are making it easier for users to share feedback and control what they see in their News Feeds. The News Feed is where most people go to get a feel of what their friends and pages they follow are sharing...

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Things You Need To Know This Week – November 14, 2014

The new week is here and we have curated a lot of interesting information for you. From the study that shows that younger consumers are influenced by social media, to Walmart price-matching online retailers at all of its stores, to Instagram finally allowing its users to edit photo captions. Plus we have included two...

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How to Improve Your Marketing Automation ROI

B2B businesses spend a bunch of money on tech tools to ensure success–but how...

How Omni-Channel Marketing Shapes The New Buyer’s Journey

With the rapid growth of digital consumption and what seems like daily proliferation...

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Traditional Marketing

Personal Branding 101: Six Strategies for Building Your Personal Brand

I wrote a month or so ago about the importance of building your personal brand, inspired...

British Airways Sponsored Tweet: Customer Service Is Critical

You’ve probably heard about Hasan Syed’s purchase of a promoted tweet to blast...

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